Request for Absence from School

When requesting leave parents should apply to:

Secondary: Mrs Sharon Cloughley, Attendance Leader

Primary: Mrs Aston, Head of Primary Phase

Queensway HLC: Mr Nigel Griffiths, Head of Queensway HLC

Any request for leave in term time requires a completed Absence Request form which must be submitted four weeks prior to the date of the request. These forms are available from either community or primary receptions or alternatively you can download the form following the link below.

Request for Absence Form.pdf

The DfE guidance, that we follow, states that we can only authorise leave if parents apply in advance. We cannot authorise any requests retrospectively.

The Government has renewed appeals to parents not to take their children out of school during term time. The Governors, Principal and Head Teachers of HLC, including Queensway HLC, support this and have decided that students will only be given permission to take leave in term time if there are exceptional circumstances.

Each application will be considered and the respective Head Teachers will determine the duration of any leave if it is agreed and authorised. However, if the application is not agreed and the absence occurs the dates will be unauthorised. Parents will be notified of any decision in writing. This notification may be hand delivered directly to the parent or posted to the parent’s home address. Once the decision is reached this will be upheld and there is no appeal process.

As a school we are asked to inform you that, in line with Telford and Wrekin Council Policy, unauthorised absence may be subject to a penalty notice fine of £60 payable per parent, per child, increasing to £120 each if not paid within 21 days. If this fine is not paid within 28 days this may lead to court proceedings. Therefore, a two parent family who have two children out of school for a week (five consecutive school days) could be fined £240.

We are committed to providing the highest standard of education for our students and we can only achieve this if our students have excellent attendance and do not miss important teaching. There is a direct relationship between good attendance and achievement at school.

If parents require further information on this issue please contact our Attendance Leader, Mrs Sharon Cloughley on 387229.

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