UPDATE: 11:00AM, FRIDAY 3rd APRIL 2020

Dear Parents,

We have just completed our second week of operating under school closures and I just wanted to send you an update so you know what we are doing to support you as best we can.

Many of you are doing an absolutely brilliant job with Home Learning and we get constant feedback and lots of examples of children and students producing great work. We think it is really important not to get too anxious about this but if your child (ren) are doing 2-3 hours, depending on age, a day that is fantastic. We do need to keep brains working and try and ensure that they are still connected to school through the work that is being provided. It will help them when we all get back to normal and schools reopen. Reading is great so try and get them to read each day – they are used to doing this in school every day!

I do need to give all our staff a break over Easter as they have worked constantly to provide all the lessons and resources in a very short period of time that are now available. We will not be supporting Home Learning until after the Easter break, there is plenty for them to do over the next two weeks and we will resume on Monday 20th April with full support back in place.

We have set up a provision, over the Easter break, for the children of key workers so they can continue the essential work they are doing in the NHS and other important sectors to fight this virus and provide critically important services. Our staff have been great volunteering to help through Easter so children can be safely looked after.

This week we have had lots of staff calling home to make contact, check all is well and offer support with Home Learning or any other advice parents need. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s school if you require any help or advice, we have admin staff in each school answering phones and emails.

We have spent the last few days trying to get the voucher system for Free School Meals registered and ready for after Easter, this work is nearly completed. If you are eligible for vouchers then we will have or will be making contact with you to make sure you understand how the system will work and how to get the vouchers.

I wish, like you, we knew how long the lockdown will last but we have to be patient, keep following all the rules about staying safe, social distancing and hygiene so we save lives and support the NHS.

We will get through this, thank you for all you are doing to support your children at home we really appreciate it. We all really miss the children! I will update you again after Easter.

Stay safe and well.


Dr. Gill Eatough