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[divider_padding] Hadley Learning Community has a Federated Governing Body which is responsible for our all-through school and has representatives from across the organization as well as Governors from a range of different professions. All Governors have completed a skills audit and we ensure that when new Governors are appointed they can bring additional skills and expertise to the Governing Body. In October 2014 we reconstituted the Governing Body in line with the new DfE regulations. There are now 15 Governors of which 1 is an LA Governor, The Principal of HLC, 4 Parent Governors, 1 staff Governor and 8 Co-opted Governors.

Governors are appointed for a four year period of office and are from a wide range of professions to bring expertise to the leadership and management of HLC. The Governing Body is responsible for ensuring that HLC is well led and holds the Principal and Heads of Phases and Head of Queensway HLC to account for all aspects of the school. They closely involved in strategic planning and future direction of the school with the Campus Leadership Team. Governors meetings this year will focus on Monitoring Standards of Achievement, Behaviour and Attendance, Monitoring the Quality of Teaching, Staffing and Staff Appraisal, Key Policies, Budget Monitoring and Budget planning, Pupil Premium, New Curriculum, Life without levels, Safeguarding and HLC in the Community.

The Chair of Governors is Mr. Malcolm Boulter, who can be contacted through Mrs Croft (387010). The clerk to the Governing Body is Mr. Peter Culley.
The Governing Body meets at least 7 times per year, three times in the Autumn term, twice in the Spring term and twice in the Summer Term.

If you are interested in becoming a governor or finding out more about the role, please contact Dr Gill Eatough on 01952 387010.

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Previous Minutes

pdf_icon_small Governor Minutes 2014/15.pdf
pdf_icon_small Governor Minutes 2015/16.pdf

[divider_padding] [one_sixth][picture_frame title=”Mr. Malcolm Boulter”][/picture_frame][/one_sixth] [five_sixth_last] [content_box icon=”user” icon_color=”#000000″ title=”Mr. Malcolm Boulter – Chair of Governors” titleBgColor=”rgba(245,245,245,1)” titleTextColor=”rgba(0,0,0,1)”] Title: L.A. Appointed Governor
I have been associated with HLC from its planning stage to the present day serving, initially, as chair to the shadow governing body then becoming chair to the substantive governing body. My background is in education, qualifying as a teacher of science and then becoming a secondary headteacher for 15 years in two very different schools in Shropshire.
[/content_box] [/five_sixth_last] [divider_padding] [one_sixth][picture_frame title=”Prof. David Woods”][/picture_frame][/one_sixth] [five_sixth_last] [content_box icon=”user” icon_color=”#000000″ title=”Prof. David Woods – Vice Chair of Governors” titleBgColor=”rgba(245,245,245,1)” titleTextColor=”rgba(0,0,0,1)”] Title: Co-opted Governor
Professor David Woods CBE – Education Consultant working with schools, local authorities and Academy chairs. Chair of the London leadership strategy and several school improvement boards. Author of several publications and speaker at education conferences.
[/content_box] [/five_sixth_last] [divider_padding] [one_sixth][picture_frame title=”Mrs. Bev Tyley”][/picture_frame][/one_sixth] [five_sixth_last] [content_box icon=”user” icon_color=”#000000″ title=”Mrs. Bev Tyley” titleBgColor=”rgba(245,245,245,1)” titleTextColor=”rgba(0,0,0,1)”] Title: Co-opted Governor
Beverly has worked for thirty year in the public sector, most recently as a senior manager in three local further education colleges. As a qualified accountant, Beverly has wide experience of financial and human resource management, information services, IT, quality systems, estates and health and safety. She is currently the Finance Lead Governor at HLC.
[/content_box] [/five_sixth_last] [divider_padding] [one_sixth][picture_frame title=”Mr. David James”][/picture_frame][/one_sixth] [five_sixth_last] [content_box icon=”user” icon_color=”#000000″ title=”Mr. David James” titleBgColor=”rgba(245,245,245,1)” titleTextColor=”rgba(0,0,0,1)”] Title: Co-opted Governor
David James held a senior position in local government before working for the General Teaching Council for England. He now runs his own HR consultancy providing advice and support in the education sector.
[/content_box] [/five_sixth_last] [divider_padding] [one_sixth][picture_frame title=”Mr. Andrew Harris”][/picture_frame][/one_sixth] [five_sixth_last] [content_box icon=”user” icon_color=”#000000″ title=”Mr. Andrew Harris” titleBgColor=”rgba(245,245,245,1)” titleTextColor=”rgba(0,0,0,1)”] Title: Co-opted Governor
Andrew is the Plant Director at the Saint-Gobain iron foundry in Ketley. Saint-Gobain is a Business in the Community partner with HLC and Andrew is keen to build upon this link. He was delighted to accept the invitation to join the Governing Body. Andrew is passionate about education and particularly special needs education, as he has dyslexia himself. Andrew is 42, lives in Newport and became a Governor in May 2015.
[/content_box] [/five_sixth_last] [divider_padding] [one_sixth][picture_frame title=”Mrs. Sally Jackson”][/picture_frame][/one_sixth] [five_sixth_last] [content_box icon=”user” icon_color=”#000000″ title=”Mrs. Sally Jackson” titleBgColor=”rgba(245,245,245,1)” titleTextColor=”rgba(0,0,0,1)”] Title: Parent Governor
This is my first term as a parent governor and I am looking forward to working hard in supporting HLC achieve their vision securing great futures for all its pupils. I have lived in Hadley for almost 20 years and I am pleased to see how well HLC has fit amongst the local community and landscape. I bring to the governors my experience as a parent of two young children starting their school life, my struggles and joys as a new business owner which gives me a realistic but optimistic view of the world, and my passion that all children are given the opportunity to be amazing in their own way.
[/content_box] [/five_sixth_last] [divider_padding] [one_sixth][picture_frame title=”Mr. Andy Fay”][/picture_frame][/one_sixth] [five_sixth_last] [content_box icon=”user” icon_color=”#000000″ title=”Mr. Andy Fay” titleBgColor=”rgba(245,245,245,1)” titleTextColor=”rgba(0,0,0,1)”] Title: Parent Governor
Andy is a parent governor first elected six years ago just after his eldest son started at HLC. Passionate to be supporting HLC in making important decisions regarding the running of the school for the benefit of the pupils. Being the lead governor for “Community and Well-Being” is not a job and it’s not just something you do in your spare time it’s a vocation that demands a dedicated and enthusiastic approach to being a critical friend. I particularly enjoy asking challenging but necessary questions during meetings knowing the professional and well informed senior leadership team will always have an answer.
[/content_box] [/five_sixth_last] [divider_padding] [one_sixth][picture_frame title=”Mrs. Shirley Thompson”][/picture_frame][/one_sixth] [five_sixth_last] [content_box icon=”user” icon_color=”#000000″ title=”Mrs. Shirley Thompson” titleBgColor=”rgba(245,245,245,1)” titleTextColor=”rgba(0,0,0,1)”] Title: Co-opted Governor
I was elected as parent governor at HLC in 2012. I currently work for the Local Authority School Governance Team. Through my work I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience about the statutory duties of governors and how to fulfil the role effectively. Because I am passionate that every child should receive the best education, fulfil their potential and be safe and happy in school I have been allocated the role of lead governor for SEND, Children in Care, Safeguarding and Queensway HLC. To fulfil this role I meet with school staff on a termly basis to discuss how effectively the school is supporting these children to do well and to check whether statutory obligations are being met. I regularly attend governor training events in order to keep up to date with new statutory duties and initiatives.
[/content_box] [/five_sixth_last] [divider_padding] [one_sixth][picture_frame title=”Mrs. Magda Farley”][/picture_frame][/one_sixth] [five_sixth_last] [content_box icon=”user” icon_color=”#000000″ title=”Mrs. Magda Farley” titleBgColor=”rgba(245,245,245,1)” titleTextColor=”rgba(0,0,0,1)”] Title: Staff Governor
I joined HLC Secondary in September 2010 as a member of the Humanities team specialising in Geography. During my 14 year career, I have had a range of responsibilities within schools including subject and faculty leadership and the organisation of overseas expeditions and fieldtrips. This is my first year as teacher governor at HLC having been a governor at a previous school and I am enjoying having this opportunity to contribute further HLC.
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[divider_padding] From 1 September 2015, governing bodies will be under a duty to publish on their website their register of interests. The register should set out the relevant business interests of governors and details of any other educational establishments they govern. The register should also set out any relationships between governors and members of the school staff including spouses, partners and relatives. ‘None’ should be the recorded entry on the register by governors who have no interests to register.

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