Years 5 and 6 Bikeability Course

In Homepage News by Mr King

Mrs Caddick was very proud of all the Y5 and Y6 children that took part in the Bikeabilty Course this term they all passed with flying colours:

Our HLC riders needed to include the following to complete this year’s Bikeability course:

Four core functions: 

  1. Making good and frequent observations
  2. Choosing and maintaining the most suitable riding positions
  3. Communicating intentions clearly to others
  4. Understanding priorities on the road, particularly at junctions.

Systematic routines

  1. Planning well in advance, anticipating and responding
  2. The most suitable riding positions for different parts of the journey
  3. Looking behind before communicating intentions and changing riding position
  4. Knowing when to give way to others or take priority assertively.

Ian, Nick and Dave, the course leaders, all agreed our children showed a clear understanding and demonstrated skills above and beyond to gain their Level 1 and 2 certificates. All of our super riders told Mrs Caddick they could not wait to receive their badges and certificates to show their families and added that they were all very excited to use the skills they had gained during this course out on the road!