Parent Governor Election

In Homepage News by Mr King

I am writing to invite parents, guardians, and carers of registered students to put their names forward for election to serve as parent governors for HLC Primary.  There are two vacancies available due to our current primary governor’s term of office ending, who have done an amazing job in supporting the school.

The term of office, of the elected candidates, will start at the end of the election process and will last for 4 years.

The role of school governor is crucial in the development of the HLC. It is a position that allows you to play a key part in the leadership of the school and its future direction. This is done through robust support of school leadership through 5 meetings a year and any additional support you can provide within your hectic lives. In return for your time you will be rewarded by seeing your child’s school flourish knowing that you played a key part in the decision making at HLC.

The governing body is an experienced and established group that will offer a supportive and welcoming environment. We have just completed a skills audit of the governing body and whilst the main attribute of a governor is a passion for the school and its children, we are looking specifically for additional support in areas such as law, human resources, local business, public services and educationalists.

Please read the notes on the back of this letter and if, after doing so, you would like to put your name forward as a candidate please complete the Candidate Nomination Form (Form 2) and the Disqualification Declaration Form (Form 3) and return to school by 9am on Thursday 28th April.  It may be that you would wish to propose another parent to serve as a parent governor.  Please note that in this case the parent in question should complete the nomination form after you have discussed the possibility.

Governor Election – Parent Letter and Application Forms.pdf

Candidates need to submit a personal statement in support of their nomination, not more than 500 words giving:

  • Evidence of skills and experience that would support the school.
  • Commitment to undertake training to acquire or develop skills to be an effective governor
  • If seeking re-election details of their contribution to the work of the GB during previous term of office.
  • How they plan to contribute to the future work of the GB

They may not indicate that they are endorsed or supported by any particular group.

Only parents who now have and will have children registered at the school on 28th April 2022 are eligible to stand for election

If it is necessary for there to be an election, I will provide further details of the arrangements.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Roberts
Executive Principal