Parent Governor Elections: Ballot Paper

In Homepage News by Mr King

Dear Parent,

The parents standing for election are listed on the ballot paper below. Personal statements of the candidates are reproduced on the reverse of the ballot paper.

The number of parent governors to be elected is one. You should cast your vote by marking X in the box provided against the candidate(s) of your choice. Each parent has one vote for each vacancy irrespective of the number of children s/he has at the school. This means that in this election, you may vote for up to one candidate. You may not cast more than one vote for the same candidate. Should you do so your ballot paper will have to be declared ‘spoiled’ and discounted.

The ballot paper (Form 5) below should be returned to me via your child or by any other means you may prefer not later than 3:30pm on Friday 17th June 2022. Any ballot papers received after this time cannot be counted.

A “Parent”, in relation to this election, includes anyone who is not a parent but who has parental responsibility for, or who has the care of, a registered pupil at the school

Ballot Paper (Form 5)


Yours faithfully,

Paul Roberts
Executive Principal