Curriculum Vision and Offer

Our vision, “belong, respect, inspire, succeed and enjoy” lie at the very heart of our curriculum at Hadley Learning Community Primary School. At HLC we strive to instil a deep sense of belonging in all our pupils; they have a true sense of ownership over the curriculum and are proud to be part of the HLC team. Our curriculum is written to excite, inspire, enthuse and engage all pupils in our school and give them a wealth of experiences to learn from. With our increased focus on oracy, pupils are taught to listen, challenge and engage with each other to solve problems and work collaboratively.

Hadley and Telford are intrinsically linked to innovation and industry, which is why STEM projects and opportunities are huge drivers in our curriculum. Through careful planning, opportunities to engage and enrich the local community are seized and the children are proud to be part of Hadley Learning Community. We are keen to utilise the expertise within the local community to further enhance the children’s learning.

Reading is central to our curriculum: our children are encouraged, taught and enthused through a range of exciting and inspiring texts. All class novels are directly linked to the topics studied and provide pupils with challenging reading material for the pupils to unpick during their Reading Journal lessons.

All pupils are given a curriculum that encourages pupils to find their talent and respect the differences of others. Everyone is different and that is what makes us special. Every child can achieve and throughout their school career we hope to provide every child with ample opportunities to find what they are truly good at. All pupils at HLC will travel through our school, experiencing a broad and balanced curriculum with such a wide range of opportunities to succeed. Whatever their successes are, however small they seem to others, we will champion them as the huge steps forward that they are in a child’s learning journey. Pupils with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) and vulnerable learners are able to access learning through well thought out lessons and resources. Teachers adapt support material and plan for learners to achieve the year group learning objective, whatever their starting point. The expectation is that all pupils can achieve. We teach our pupils to become increasingly independent as they move throughout school (linking directly to Metacognition research and training from David Hodgson, Osiris Educational.)

Our curriculum is about enjoyment. To develop that curiosity to know more and learn more. To teach and create learners for the future who have a deep love of learning. Educational visits are planned at meaningful points in the year, reviewed by the children and link directly to the topic; they provide pupils with thrilling experiences to enhance their learning beyond the classroom. We are also incredibly fortunate to have support from HLC Secondary to further enhance and enrich our curriculum with additional clubs and lessons.

We want every child to leave HLC with confidence, bravery, creativity, knowledge, resilience, independence, respect and a true, deep and powerful love of learning that equip them for life beyond the classroom.