Year 2 Curriculum Introduction

Here at HLC the children learn through an exciting and engaging curriculum that aims to foster and nurture a love of learning. We offer all pupils a broad and balanced curriculum, providing opportunities for each child to develop their own independent learning strategies and making their learning meaningful and memorable.

In Year 2 the children will be learning through a range of topics. Looking after our world is important to us, therefore the children will learn all about recycling. We use this information to help us to be environmentally friendly at HLC before they dive deep into looking at life in the ocean. How can we help to keep the Oceans free from pollution? Our pupils will then take a leap back in time to the Great Fire in London before going even further back in time to investigate what it was like to live in a real castle, or to be a fairy-tale Knight or Princess. In the Summer term, our pupils will travel to the seaside, becoming a scientist before using their STEM skills to solve problems for the lighthouse keeper.

Our key reading texts this term are: Somebody Swallowed Stanley by Sarah Roberts, Toby and the Great Fire of London by Margaret Nash, Small Knight and George by Ronda Armitage and The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch by David and Ronda Armitage. Throughout the topics, the children engage in stimulating STEM activities including designing and creating a useable bag from recycled materials, constructing a moving drawbridge for their castles and making a treasure chest that will keep their treasure safe from pirates.

The children participate in a Year 2 Nativity/Christmas production. They will also take part in ‘The Big Sing’ which is such an exciting project to be involved in, with lots of other local schools. This year group will also get the opportunity to meet people that help us, including the team from Veolia and the fire service. Visiting a castle in Spring 1 and then ending the year with a trip to the seaside, where they get to experience sandy toes and eat yummy ice cream!