Year 3 Curriculum Introduction

At HLC, the children learn through an exciting and engaging curriculum that aims to foster and nurture a love of learning. We offer all pupils a broad and balanced curriculum, providing opportunities for each child to develop their own independent learning strategies and making their learning meaningful and memorable.

In Year 3 the children will be learning through a range of topics where they explore primitive life as a Stone Age child. How do you wash a woolly mammoth?  They will walk alongside the Iron Man, investigating and comparing materials before going ‘Down on the Farm’ in the Spring term, to feed new-born lambs. They travel through volcanoes in Dragon’s Breath. The summer time brings Bees and Blossoms with the opportunity to explore real hives before hosting a Toga-Tastic HLC Olympic Games.

Our key Reading texts this term are:  Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura; The Iron Man by Ted Hughes; The Firework Maker’s Daughter by Phillip Pullman ; Muddle, Puddle Farm by Michael Morpurgo and The Book of Bees by Piotr Socha to name a few. Throughout the topics, the children engage in stimulating STEM activities including making their own erupting volcano and designing mechanical hands and legs.

They participate in a Year 3 Harvest production during the Autumn Term. Year 3 children will also visit the New Vic Theatre to see a winter performance. They will get their hands dirty down on a real working farm and raise their own funds for additional educational experiences out of school.


Medium and Long Term Plans

Medium Term Plan

Our Medium Term plans are used by the teachers to track what the learning will look like across the half term. These are shared with the children at the beginning of every topic and are displayed in rooms. The subjects taught that term will have a clear sequence of learning objectives that are followed to ensure that children get a balance of knowledge and skills. As much as possible, subjects are linked to the main topic title and we explicitly identify links between the subjects, ensuring that we offer a rounded learning experience. Teachers use the Medium Term plan to plan specific lessons: building on their prior learning and incorporate penitent, key questions and enquires within them. Educational experiences are carefully mapped into the Medium Term Plans to ensure that they come at the most appropriate learning point in the topic.

Long Term Plan

Our Long Term Plans map out the subjects and topics across the year for every year group. We ensure that pupils gain a broad, balanced and high-quality curriculum offer that is centred around the National Curriculum learning objectives. Alongside key experiences and Educational Visits, these long term plans map out your child’s journey through school and their key learning points. We have including suggested books that they can read alongside the class book in bold. Our topic titles are driven by Reading and STEM. We complete additional STEM related projects every half term and share these with parents and carers. Through key questions and explorative learning, we have developed enquiries for the children to progress to as end points in their sequence of learning in a variety of different topics.

Year 3 LTP