To support our curriculum and to ensure that your child’s progress is monitored HLC has a robust assessment system. Pre-learning tasks are used to gage pupils understanding when starting new topics – this allows our teachers to shape and challenge the learning for your child uniquely to them and Think Pinks are given at the end of lessons to clarify and enhance their thinking. On top of this teachers take the time to assess children every half term. NFER tests are used in Years 2 – 5 to assess children’s attainment in Reading, Maths and SPAG. These tests are sat over the course of a week in the first half of each term. Our children really enjoy showing off their skills during these tests and these support teachers to make final judgements about your child’s abilities at the end of every term. Children’s writing is assessed by teachers using the work that they complete in class and this is also how our Nursery, Reception and Year 1 teachers assess children in all subjects. No testing takes place in these year groups.

At HLC the following categories are used to judge children’s attainment:

GDS Has a secure knowledge of the curriculum for the year group that they are in and can show this in a wide range of contexts
ARE (Secure) Working securely at the expected standard for the year group that they are in. However, is not yet showing the ability to show this in a wider range of contexts.
ARE (Developing) Working at the expected standard for the year group that they are in but only just. Work is needed to ensure that their knowledge becomes secure.
WTS (Working Towards) Working slightly below the expected standard for the year group that they are in. Intervention is likely to be needed for these children to keep up with their peers.
B (Working Below) Working below or significantly below the expected standard for the year group that they are in.

In Year 2 and Year 6 children complete statutory assessments (SATs). These take place in all schools across the country in the month of May. Outcomes of these are reported to the government, parents and are also available on our website. To ensure that the children at HLC are well prepared for these tests both year groups complete mock papers. Year 2 in March and Year 6 in October, January and March. The mock SATs that the Year 6 children complete support their teachers to make judgements about their attainment much like the NFER tests do in Years 2 – 5.

If you would like to find out more about how your child is assessed at school please speak to your child’s class teacher or call 01952 387088 and speak to Mrs Griffin or Mrs Armstrong who would be happy to talk to you about any aspect of our assessment procedures.



At HLC we believe that every child can succeed. To support children’s progress we offer a wide range of interventions. The interventions that we run are small, targeted, fun and aim to develop academic, emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. Below are a list of interventions that we currently have running in school and as you can see there is something for everyone. Further up the school, in KS2, we utilise the amazing skills of our secondary staff to ensure that your children are challenged and fully prepared for the next steps that they will have to take in their education. Secondary teachers have timetabled hours to support the learning of small groups of children in our Year 5 and 6 classes and our Specialist Maths Intervention Teacher ensures that your children are becoming the best mathematicians possible.

The teachers at HLC work extremely hard for the children they are entrusted to teach and many of them give up their time after school to boost children who may need a little more support with their learning. Our children really enjoy these sessions and last year our Year 6 children even asked to come in on Saturday mornings to revise for their SATs – the parents who came with then even learnt new things.

Interventions at HLC Primary include: Cool Kids, Nurture Club, Y6 SAT Boosters Afterschool, Y6 Saturday Morning Revision, 1:1 Personalised Reading, Social Games, Speech and Language, Confidence Builders, Breaktime Pirates