Writing is incorporated in all areas of our curriculum with an emphasis on writing for a real purpose. Teachers provide children with engaging opportunities for writing to help them develop their skills. For example writing to important members of the local community to share their ideas about their area or writing in role as characters from books that have been studied.

We teach Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (GPS) across Key Stage 2 every day. Children are taught spelling and grammatical rules that they are then expected to apply in their writing across the curriculum. Each year has specific spellings which they are taught in class through a program called Read, Write, Inc. Lists of specific year group spellings are available below to help you support your child at home.

Children in Year 2 and Year 6 take part in statutory assessments (SATs) for grammar, punctuation and spelling and their writing is teacher assessed using evidence teachers have collected from across the year. These results are reported to the government, parents and available on our results page.

  • Ensure you and your child have high expectations for their handwriting.
  • Support your child to complete their homework every week.
  • Practice Read, Write, Inc spellings daily.
  • Make sure they punctuate their sentences accurately with capital letters, full stops and other types of punctuation.
  • Check that your child is spelling known words correctly.
  • Help your child to form their letters correctly.
  • If they reverse letters or numbers help them to correct their work.
  • Watch out for capital letters used incorrectly.
  • Pupils in Year 6 may wish to purchase revision books to support their GPS revision. We sell these at cost price in school which is cheaper than the ones that you find in book shops.

“Parents benefit from workshops on phonics and many say they feel better equipped to help their children learn”

– Ofsted




Reading is taught daily through guided reading sessions. The books that are used in these sessions are of an extremely high quality and immerse the children in a wealth of language. Texts used cover a range of genres and link to the topics that the children study each half term. Please see the Topic Plans for a full overview of the texts used throughout the Primary Phase. Guided reading sessions aim to support children’s word reading skills but also their comprehension skills. To develop the children’s love of reading teachers read to their class every day, either a short story, a picture book or an ongoing longer novel. Children have the opportunity to bring home a class reading book of their choice to share with their parents. Many of our classes have additional systems to promote reading at home, appropriate to the age of the children in their class.

Our Bug Club reading scheme aims to interest, motivate and encourage children to read more often, especially at home. Bug Club is a finely-levelled reading scheme, which ensures that all children are given books at exactly the right level for them. HLC also subscribes to the online versions for every printed title and a personalised website for each child. Access their account on Active Learn Primary with your child’s individual account details. The school code is chqm. Inside there is a range of different texts for all age groups, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry and plays and also comics. Inside every printed book there are notes to parents to help you to make the most of reading with your child. There are questions to ask, activities and puzzles for the children to complete. These range from phonic support for younger children to suggestions for further reading and research for older children. Books are allocated to the children regularly and as they read and answer questions about these books, they will earn ‘Active learn Coins’ to ‘buy’ a reward in one of the reward schemes.

There is a large, high quality, local authority library on our site. Teachers regularly take their children to the library to share books or to learn how the reference system works. When children start school we encourage them to join the library so that they can take out books during the weekend and holidays. If you would like your child to join the library please contact the library on (01952 388475) and they will be happy to arrange this for you.

Reading is an integral part of the homework at HLC and children are expected to read every night at home. Teachers do check the children’s reading journals so please leave them a comment. They love to know about the stories that you read with your children at home.



We use the Letters and Sounds programme to teach phonics as the prime approach to reading and writing. The children learn to hear sounds in words (phonemes) and represent these sounds using letters (graphemes). Phonics is taught as a daily discreet session to all children from Nursery – Y2. During these sessions the children work practically, playing games and completing fun activities to learn to decode words by segmenting and then blending the sounds together.
At the end of KS1 and through KS2 the children learn spellings through the ‘Read, Write, Inc’ programme. This programme ensures that children’s spelling is regularly tested but also allows the children to investigate sounds and sound patterns. One of the greatest features of the ‘Read, Write, Inc’ programme is that it encourages the children to track their own performance and identifies clearly to them the spellings that they need to practise. All phonics and spelling lessons teach children knowledge and skills and teachers will assess their independent application across the curriculum as readers and writers.

During the school year we run sessions for parents where you have an opportunity to see how we teach phonics and can seek advice about how to help your child.


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