HLC Safe Squad

This is a newly established group in Primary (Autumn 2018). They have been specially selected as a ‘Children’s Safeguarding board’ to listen to and support children with their personal, social and emotional welfare.

The group leads on campaigns to educate, support and raise awareness of issues that affect young people. The Safe Squad will work closely with the Designated Safeguarding Leads and Pastoral Staff.

The Safe Squad have led assemblies on the NSPCC ‘PANTS’ information. Children at HLC can talk confidently about the underwear rule

P – Privates are private
A – Always remember your body belongs to you
N – No means No
T – Talk about secrets that upset you
S – Speak up, someone can help.

Throughout the year the Safe Squad will be working across the school to promote healthy lifestyles and supporting the children to stay safe and be happy.

Our motto for this year is ‘Only One Me’. Regardless of gender, age, skin colour or friendships, it is important that we are all happy in ourselves.HLC Safe Squad