Year 5 & 6

As the eldest children in school, the pupils take great pride in being role models to the younger children. The children enjoy learning and it is the mission of all of the staff in this team to ensure that the children become the best learners that they can be in their last years of primary school. Teachers make lessons engaging and linked to interesting topics whilst the children strive to be become responsible, independent learners so that are ready for secondary school. The children know that the motto in this team is to work hard for themselves. There are lots of additional opportunities in Years 5 and 6 for the children to develop their talents: they especially enjoy swimming, singing, football and being STEM or sports leaders.

Miss R Harris

Year 5 Teacher / Asst. Head
Maternity Leave

Mrs A Brown

Year 5 Teacher

Miss K Jenkins

Year 5 Teacher

Miss L hughes

Year 5 Teacher

Mrs D Abley

Maternity Leave

Miss E Williams

Year 6 Teacher / Maths Lead

Mr T Edge

Year 6 Teacher / Computing

Mrs H Bradshaw

Year 6 Teacher / KS2 Asst. Headteacher / Reading Lead

Mrs T Casey

Year 6 Teacher

Mrs E Klos

Learning Support

Mrs J Clowe

Learning Support

Miss E Collins

Learning Support & HLTA

Miss A Greenaway

Learning Support

Mrs M Orford

Learning Support

Mr M Sheridon

Primary Sports Specialist