Our Vision

At Hadley Learning Community we believe that every child can succeed. We have ambitious expectations of achievement for each and every child so that our children make maximum progress and achieve their full potential. We are passionate about ensuring that our children have a broad, balanced and rich curriculum so that they are inspired to learn and, in turn, become curious, independent and resilient learners. We believe that the education that we give our children should be as unique as they are and set them up for the life that they will go on to have beyond our school walls. We have great aspirations for our children and encourage them to do the same. The facilities that we have are excellent and we believe in using these to foster the interests and talents of all of our children. Whatever our children go on to do, they know that anything is possible with a little bit of hard work.

HLC is a culturally diverse school and welcoming of children and families from a range of different cultures and backgrounds. Our children work and play harmoniously together. We are fully committed to practicing our school moto – ‘Our community, our school’. As such, we encourage our children to show respect, understanding, tolerance and courtesy towards each other, our staff, and visitors. Our children demonstrate a great sense of pride in their school and in themselves which they love to demonstrate when singing our very own school song. (Click on the link below to hear this for yourself.)


Our Aims

All children are valued as individuals and whilst in our care we aim:

  • To help them develop their characters and personalities as fully as possible, having regard for the 'whole' child's being – intellectual, emotional, spiritual, moral, social, cultural and physical.
  • To provide a broad education, which will consist of a range of meaningful educational experiences across the whole range of the National Curriculum subject areas so that each child can achieve his/her potential.
  • To develop a positive attitude.  This will be reflected in children showing themselves to be socially responsible, having acceptable standards of behaviour, being well adjusted and capable of contributing as members of our demanding and diverse society.
  • To give our children an appreciation of, awareness of and respect for the richness of a variety of cultures within the local community and society as a whole.
  • To develop fairness and equality of opportunity, regardless of gender, race, religion or social background.
  • To create strong links with parents, sharing in the education process, co-operating in a Home-School partnership.
"HLC, HLC, Happy Learning Children at HLC
Working as a team we're the strongest you have seen,
Happy Learning children at HLC"
HLC Song.

A fantastic school and staff. We cannot sing this school's praises enough."

- Primary Parent