Parent View

At HLC we believe that a strong partnership with parents is key to the success of every child.  We have a member of our management team available every morning and at the end of the school day to speak to parents at the school gate. Teachers are happy to meet with parents briefly after school or to book an appointment with them if a longer conversation is needed.  We also have dedicated pastoral team, Mrs Caddick, Miss Ball and Charmaine Townsend, who are available to speak to parents daily before and after school.  Bilingual support is available for parents whose first language is not English.

We are also a school that loves getting our parents into school to support their children with their learning. We very much see children’s education as a team effort and so our parents are frequently invited into classes to take part in lessons. Some of our Year 6 parents even get themselves involved in booster sessions.

We survey parents’ opinions of the school twice a year during our consultation days.  The information gathered from these questionnaires has resulted in many changes to our school. Every survey is shared with the whole primary staff and this supports us to strengthen our communication with parents.

  • 98% of parents said their child enjoys school
  • 99% of parents said that their child felt safe at HLC
  • 99% of parents said that the school makes sure its pupils are well behaved
  • 98% of parents said that their child has not been bullied at HLC
  • 97% of parents said that any concerns have been dealt with properly
  • 98% of parents whose children have special educational needs say that the school gives them the support they need to succeed.
  • 98% of parents said the school has high expectations for their child
  • 98% of parents said that their child does well at this school
  • 99% of parents feel that the school offer a good range of subjects
  • 97% of parents said the school supports their child's wider personal development
  • 98% of parents would recommend this school to other parents


What do our Parents say?

  • My kids are very happy at’s an amazing school with fantastic staff.
  • My children’s happiness comes first and they love it here, He would come 7 days a week if he could. My concerns have always been dealt with quickly and fairly.
  • An absolutely fantastic school , who supports both of my children immensely, I am proud to have my children at HLC primary and recommend to everyone , the staff and teachers are phenomenal considering what they have had to endure the last 2 years and I couldn’t think of a better place for my children to learn, create and develop.
  • Amazing school, you have supported my girls so much!! The only thing I struggle with is there still no full wrap around care for the girls past 4pm, this is frustrating to work full time!!
  • My daughter is more happy in year 4. She is happy to come into school this year. In year 3 my daughter changed in herself confidence.
  • I have always found the staff at school very helpful listen to you and always act.
  • **** loves his teacher and we think she is fantastic..
  • The staff are all really helpful and always take the time to speak to parents. My child’s teachers are brilliant with him and they are all very patient and caring.
  • You are doing a great job. Well done..
  • The school and the teachers are exceptional.
  • We are really impressed with the communication we receive from the school, thank you for making ****s school life fun and interesting he is so keen to learn and share with us what he’s been doing in class.
  • My children are very happy this year.
  • I'm very happy with how the teachers always go out of their way to ensure the children are happy a learning.
  • ****s only been here a short time and already we have seen such positive improvements and he’s so happy every day it is really lovely to see! So thank you for making him feel so welcome and being so supportive with the transition!.