Parent View

At HLC we believe that a strong partnership with parents is key to the success of every child.  We have a member of our management team available every morning and at the end of the school day to speak to parents at the school gate. Teachers are happy to meet with parents briefly after school or to book an appointment with them if a longer conversation is needed.  We also have dedicated pastoral team, Mrs Caddick, Miss Ball and Charmaine Townsend, who are available to speak to parents daily before and after school.  Bilingual support is available for parents whose first language is not English.

We are also a school that loves getting our parents into school to support their children with their learning. We very much see children’s education as a team effort and so our parents are frequently invited into classes to take part in lessons. Some of our Year 6 parents even get themselves involved in booster sessions.

We survey parents’ opinions of the school twice a year during our consultation days.  The information gathered from these questionnaires has resulted in many changes to our school. Every survey is shared with the whole primary staff and this supports us to strengthen our communication with parents.

  • 98% of parents said their child enjoys school
  • 100% of parents said that their child felt safe at HLC
  • 99% of parents said that they are informed about their child’s progress
  • 100% of parents believe their child is well taught at HLC
  • 98% of parents said that school supports them with their child’s learning
  • 99% of parents said the school helps their child to have a healthy lifestyle
  • 98% of parents said that school prepares their child for the future
  • 99% of parents said the school meets their child’s particular needs
  • 98% of parents said that school deals effectively with unacceptable behaviour
  • 98% of parents feel that school takes account of their suggestions and concerns
  • 99% of parents said the school is well led and managed
  • 99% of parents are happy with the school


What do our Parents say?

  • I am so proud of how my daughter is progressing.
  • Both my wife and myself are very happy with our son’s personal growth since starting HLC.
  • We are very pleased with the schooling at HLC. Thank you for your hard work.
  • We are very happy with HLC and the teacher is wonderful, she is patient and caring and our son thinks ‘she is really cool’. Thank you for all your help and support from Reception to Year 1.
  • My child is very happy with school. She comes home always smiling. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all teachers for their hard work.
  • I am happy with my child’s experience at the school.
  • Very pleased with the school, they are extremely supportive. Very supportive of extra needs and challenging behaviour.
  • Our daughter is willing and wanting to work towards her targets. I am so proud of what she has achieved so far. We talked about not staying ‘comfortable’ and now taking her education to the next level. We both have took on board the targets given to her. We will work hard to perfect her work to reach the target and more. Could not be prouder. Well done.
  • Much better communication with teachers this year than previously.
  • As parents we are very satisfied with the level of education and the method of teaching. We look forward to seeing his progress through the year.
  • My child enjoys school, art and English are her favourite subjects. She is challenged and is doing really well.
  • Fantastic school. Envy of friends who don’t have such support.