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As students and families are forced to self-isolate in these strange times, remote learning is a crucial element of our teaching at HLC. We want to ensure that we support all of our pupils to make the best possible progress in their learning, as well as provide them with the structure and direction that we all need in these challenging times.

We have registered with Seesaw Class, an online learning platform, which will allow us to easily share lessons with your child and where they can also post completed activities. Seesaw is free of charge for you to access. On this page you will find links to useful websites, guidance to access remote learning and trouble shooting tips.

Home Learning Tips

As part of our Home Learning offer, children will likely be spending more time on devices. With this in mind, here are some tips to help you to keep children focused, interested, and balanced while completing Home Learning.

  • Make a space and set a routine

    Create a special, personalised space dedicated to learning. Let your child help prepare the space for school, even if that just means putting their Home Learning equipment next to the device they'll be using. Consider where this space will be to ensure you can monitor their device usage. Getting the space prepared will help your child to get ready to learn. Children are used to structure when it comes to their education, so make sure to let them know what to expect, for example by creating a visual schedule they can follow, with dedicated screen-free breaks.

  • Keeping Focused

    If children are sharing devices with siblings, make sure they understand how the devices are to be shared, including who gets to do what on the device and when. If you have other devices in your house that will not be used for Home Learning, keep them out of your child’s workspace if possible. This can also mean shutting down phones/keeping them in a designated place for the day, and putting away TV remotes.

  • Use Movement Breaks

    Screen breaks are really important, especially for children, so make sure to build those in and break tasks into smaller pieces. Encourage regular breaks from the screen, such as completing a PE activity, playing in the garden or going for a walk. Physical activity can lift our spirits and get our minds refreshed for learning.

  • Monitor Device Usage

    Ensure that you know what your child is accessing online while completing their Home Learning. They will have been set work that is appropriate, however as always on the internet they are only a few clicks away from viewing material which is inappropriate so it is vital that their device use is monitored.

If you have any concerns regarding online safety during this Home Learning period, please contact school directly on 01952 387088 or email to speak to Mrs Antenbring.

Need help getting online?

To engage with our remote learning students need a fast and reliable internet connection. We understand that not all our families have home internet connections but do have mobile phones with data plans. The Department for Education is working with several UK mobile networks and have created a Get Help with Tech scheme to provide families with internet access specifically for remote learning during this current period.

The Get Help with Tech scheme aims to provide free internet access to those who need it in years 3 to 11. This means you can get a free increase to mobile data allowance. The following mobile networks are currently taking part in the scheme: EE, Three, Sky Mobile, SMARTY, Tesco Mobile or Virgin Mobile. Vodafone and O2.

To apply for this scheme please email school with the following information:

1. Account holder’s name for the device
2. Mobile phone number
3. Mobile network (must be one of those stated above)
4. If the mobile is pay monthly or pay as you go
5. Confirmation you have read and agree to the privacy policy (below). This must be confirmation from an adult if the child is under 13 years of age.

Devices that can be used for Remote Learning

The Department for Education (DfE) is providing a range of support to schools through its Get help with Technology programme by supplying schools with a number of devices for remote learning for disadvantaged students. If you do not have access to a device in order for your child to work at home during this time, please contact the school (details at the bottom of this page) and we may be able to provide you with a device.

There are several different types of device that will allow you to work at home. Here are some of the devices that you can use for remote learning:

Mobile Phone
Laptop / Desktop PC
Playstation 4 / 5

All the devices above can be used for remote learning. If possible, we recommend that a child works on a laptop or computer. Whatever the device, you can acces most resources though a browser or apps are available for download.

If you are struggling for a device, then another option that can be used is a gaming console, such as the Xbox or PlayStation. You can also connect a wired keyboard and mouse or compatible wireless keyboard and mouse. You will be able to launch the console’s web browser and navigate to the websites as indicated by your teacher and perform most tasks.

Student Software & Resources

Introducing Microsoft Teams

1. While Teams works well in Google Chrome browsers, we recommend installing the App on both Laptop and mobile devices.    CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD TEAMS
2. Logging into TeamsOpen the app, or go to and sign in using your school email ( Your password is the same as the one you log in with at school.
3. Teams - Your class teams can be found under the Teams area within the App.

Your teachers will communicate with you through teams and explain what assignments and work have been set.  If you are not familiar with Teams click here for a TEAMS QUICK START GUIDE 

Logon details will provided by your teacher


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