School Rewards

Our main rewards system operates through the awarding of Class Dojo points. These points are added to a personal scoreboard so that the children can see how well they are performing throughout the week. The children’s aim is to get as many points as possible.

Dojo points can be awarded for a wide variety of other positive contributions to school and community life such as:-

  • Being punctual and well prepared for school
  • Acting as a good role model
  • Producing an outstanding piece of work
  • Demonstrating outstanding effort and perseverance in their work
  • Showing outstanding progress in their learning
  • Volunteering and helping around school
  • Supporting school teams and clubs
  • Being a good friend, supporting other children.
  • Demonstrating improvement in their personal organisation and independence
  • Taking part in community activities
  • Taking responsibility for jobs inside the classroom or at other times in the school day.

Thank You Friday

The student who receives the most dojo points during the week from each class is rewarded by an invitation to Hot Chocolate Friday. While we aim to be a healthy school and promote healthy eating, we recognise that treats such as hot chocolate are acceptable as long as these are occasional.




As a school, we continually promote good attendance and punctuality. As part of this, each class has the opportunity to earn £1 a day when they have full attendance and every member of the class is on time. When the class have accrued 10 full days with 100% attendance and punctuality, they can apply for a £10 ‘cheque’, which they may spend as a class on a treat, democratically voted for by themselves. They can choose whether to save this up for a termly treat or for something bigger at the end of the academic year.

Additionally, the class achieving the highest level of attendance on a weekly basis is celebrated in assembly. The children earn an additional playtime for the whole class and they keep the Attendance Cup for a week. Children with 100% attendance receive a certificate at the end of each term and are congratulated in assembly.


Celebration Assembly

Primary students are nominated for a weekly celebration assembly by staff. They are chosen for excellent work in class or at home. Celebration Assemblies are held on Friday morning  for Early Years and Key stage 1 and Friday afternoon for KS2. Parents and family members are invited to attend this assembly by a letter sent home with the child. A certificate to celebrate  will be awarded during the assembly.



Behaviour at lunchtimes is supported through a separate golden ticket system which can be added to their Dojo points in class. Children who are playing well together or helpful to staff are given a ticket which enters them into a draw for a small prize each week.


Termly and Yearly Rewards

We also run a Dojo competition. For the children that earn the most across the whole school year, a free trip is awarded to them at the end of July. This trip varies each year.


Additional Rewards Systems

Primary staff may also use class based reward systems that complement the whole campus ethos. This could include ‘Star of the Week’ or ‘Magic Moments for example. Children receiving a ‘Magic Moment’ earn themselves class Dojo points.