The School Day

At HLC, our day starts early. The school gates open at 8:20 for children and parents to come and wait outside their classrooms for the school day to begin. Mrs Caddick, Miss Ball and our Reception Support Staff are always on hand to greet the children as they arrive and record any messages that our parents might need passing on to their children’s class teacher. To ensure that the children safely make it to their classrooms the children enter through multiple entrances.

Reception – Reception Classrooms
Year 1 – Year 1 Playground Entrance
Year 2 and Year 3 – Side Entrance in between the Year 2 and Year 3 classrooms
Year 4 and 5 – KS2 Playground Entrance
Year 6 – Main Primary Entrance

At the end of the school day, all children are dismissed by their teachers. This allows parents to catch up with their child’s class teacher every day. Early Years and KS1 are dismissed from their classrooms. Year 4 children are dismissed from the end of finger one. Year 5 and 6 are dismissed from the entrance that they use in a morning.

*A member of the Senior Leadership Team will be by the gate at the start and end of every day.





Breakfast Club 8:00am - 8:25am
08:25am Doors Open
08:35am Registration closes
10:00am - 10:20am Morning Break - Reception and KS1
10:10am - 10:30am Morning Break - KS2
11:30am - 12:30pm Lunch (Reception)
11:40am - 12:30pm Lunch (Year 1)
11:50am - 12:40pm Lunch (Year 2)
12:00pm - 12:50pm Lunch (KS2)
Afternoon Break for KS1 - 15 mins planned around lessons Afternoon Break for KS1 - 15 mins planned around lessons
End of Day KS1 2:45pm
End of Day KS2 2:50pm
15:00pm - 16:00pm After School Clubs

If for any reason children need collecting from school during the school day or arrive, parents are asked to go through the main community entrance where they will be greeted by Miss Baggott. She will ensure that the children signed in and out.


Children attending clubs are collected from the community entrance at 16:15pm. Click here for school club information.