Special Educational Needs and Disability Key Information

Hadley Learning Community Primary School is a mainstream school with an inclusive and ambitious ethos for all children. In seeking to fulfil this aim we offer the following range of provision to support children with SEND.

Should you be applying for a place at our school and have a child with SEND please contact our SENDCo Mrs Jane Wenlock.  It is vital that we understand your child’s needs and we hope that meeting us before you apply will give a more informed understanding of our school, ethos and how we help children with diverse needs achieve.

At HLC we assess the needs of the individual child through observation, a graduated response and working with external agencies (where needed) to identify how best to support them.

4 Broad Areas of Need

A brief description of the four broad areas of need follows.  Many children have needs in more than one area, and every child is different; often the area of need given for a particular child is their ‘prime’ area.

"Everyone at HLC shares the same ambition for high quality support and outcomes for students with SEND, and everyone is clear what their role is in achieving this."

Interventions, Activities and Strategies that might be used when needed to support children
  • Use of appropriate visual timetables
  • Access to laptops/tablets
  • Key text enlarged where necessary
  • Pre-teaching of strategies and vocabulary
  • Specialist equipment to access curriculum

There are many strategies that we employ to support children’s transition.

  1. Additional transition time when moving to a new year group or school.
  2. Specialist, planned transition activities for children needing a little extra support.
  3. Meet the teacher meetings for both children and parents.