STEM Leaders at HLC Primary


HLC is proud to run a scheme of Year 6 STEM Leaders led by Mrs Antenbring. Each year, eight Year 6 children who have been identified as enjoying and having a talent in STEM subjects, with a particular focus on Computing are selected to become STEM Leaders and work across the school to promote STEM across the curriculum for all ages. These children are easily recognisable within school by their STEM Leader badge on their jumper sleeve.

As part of the STEM Leaders team, our children work alongside Mrs Antenbring to:

  • Test new ICT resources, including websites, software and hardware
  • Help to develop the curriculum for Computing
  • Share their skills and expertise with other pupils and teachers
  • Take part in special events linked to STEM such as the Jaguar Primary School Challenge
  • Lead assemblies and deliver sessions across the school on eSafety
  • Participate in parent events on eSafety

What do our STEM Leaders say?


STEM Leader Samuella said “I enjoy being a STEM Leader because I love all of the STEM subjects. It is a great opportunity to help other pupils, parents and teachers with the knowledge that I have. Since our school is a STEM school, our whole curriculum has STEM in it and I love it!”


Example Projects

The STEM Leaders’ most recent project was using HLC’s Green Screen. The children were trained on how to use the equipment and then worked with the children in Year 2 to create some festive pictures using the app on the iPads. You can see some of the work that they created below.

STEM Leader Aleesha said “My favourite part about being a STEM Leader is being able to share my knowledge with children and inspiring them so that they can also one day be a STEM leader. Also, I love to be able to help parents, for example with eSafety.”Aleesha, STEM Leader

Trips and Special Events

Jaguar Primary School Challenge - We entered two teams into the 2019 Jaguar Primary School Challenge, where children are tasked to design and build a miniature race car. Both our teams qualified for the regional finals, and we were incredibly proud when our all girls team ‘The STEM Gems’ won the regional finals to progress to the National Finals at the British Motor Museum in Gaydon, Warwickshire. The girls did exceptionally well on the finals day and came away with the prestigious ‘Team Identity’ award for excellence across their branding. We are exceptionally proud of both our teams and are looking forward to entering the 2020 competition later this year.

Discover Digital - In 2019, our STEM Leaders had the opportunity to attend ‘Discover Digital’ in Southwater. This was an opportunity for the children to see the careers available in STEM subjects and they were able to have a go in a full motion racing driving simulator, try 3D printing and try virtual reality! Plus, they also met Titan the Robot!

Harper Adams University – We visited our local university to explore the range of careers available in STEM. We explored tensile testing and applied pressure to a range of different materials to test the strength of different types of join. We then got a sneak peek of some exciting new technology that is being developed to modernise farming using robotic farm vehicles – watching the robot tractor was our highlight!

Cyber Security Day – We were invited to take part in a special event centred around cyber security and code breaking. The STEM Leaders had to work quickly as a team to solve problems and crack codes to hack into a locked laptop to retrieve important information. The children really had to show off their Computing skills to solve the puzzles and succeed in their mission.

Shropshire Star STEM Challenge – Our children represented HLC at the STEM Challenge, where they were tasked with coming up with a wildlife centre which would be open to visitors all year round, and creating a model to show how their creation would work. They were given the day to come up with the design in a challenge intended to test their skills under pressure, including budgeting and ‘purchasing’ the materials required from a ‘shop’ set up for the competition. We were very proud that our team won the ‘Best Design’ award!

Our recent projects...

Green Screen - The STEM Leaders are proficient at using a range of equipment including using HLC’s Green Screen. STEM Leaders are trained on how to use the equipment and then work with the children in Year 1 and 2 to create some festive pictures using the app on the iPads.

NSPCC and eSafety – Our STEM Leaders work alongside Mrs Antenbring to keep our children safe by delivering lessons that reinforce the important messages of eSafety and staying safe online. The children met with the NSPCC to talk about what we can do keep ourselves safe and then delivered some lessons across school to deliver this message to our children.