Forest Schools

What is ‘Forest School’?

Forest School uses the outdoor environment to help all children learn. Children are encouraged to develop independence skills, improve their decision making and raise their self-esteem through small achievable tasks.

Forest School sessions are child led to accommodate individual learning styles. Children are encouraged to make choices, and to follow their own learning. The adult’s role is to teach skills and to facilitate learning. This allows for observation and assessment of the children to plan next steps in learning.

Adults that have been involved with Forest School report significant improvements in independence, self-esteem, social skills and concentration levels.

Parents of children involved in Forest School have reported changes in independence, self-esteem and their child’s social outlook.

We use the school garden area for our Forest school. This is within the school grounds, therefore a safe and secure environment.

It is an essential part of the curriculum, so it is important that all the children and parents understand that the children are expected to take part in the outside learning every week. This means that whatever the weather (except very strong winds) children will be learning outside, therefore they will need suitable clothing.

Children either come to school in their outdoor clothes, with wellington boots in a plastic bag, and change into their uniform later in the day or arrive in uniform and change for Forest Schools. Children invariably go home with muddy and wet clothes – this is all part of the fun of the learning!

A kit list

All year round In warmer weather In colder weather
Warm coatWellington bootsPlastic bag for muddy and wet clothes T-shirt, (preferably long sleeve to avoid being scratched)TrousersSun hat Warm socks, vestTrousersFleece / sweatshirt /jumperGloves, hat and scarf
Please remember to clearly name all items of clothingPlease do not send in ‘best clothes’