Returning in September

Dear Parent/Carer,

As September draws closer, we hope you are all becoming more excited about returning to HLC and moving towards the normality we all need. I have taken this opportunity to remind you of the details of the first week back. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

I wanted to start by congratulating Year 11 students on their fantastic achievements at GCSE. It has been a challenging year for all students, but I am delighted that Year 11 have achieved the grades they deserve that will allow them to move on to college and apprenticeships. It has been a very different results day this year but as always, we feel very proud of our students and how they represented our school.

As you will be aware, the Government has been very clear that it is vitally important to get all students back in school from September. We will, of course, support children and parents who are anxious about their return and our attendance and pastoral teams will be available to offer any support that families require.

You will be pleased to know that we have put together a robust response to the Government Covid19 guidance and are therefore confident that we can keep your child safe whilst continuing to offer a full broad and rich curriculum from September. Lessons will be exciting, and your child will make the rapid progress that is so important following a long period of lockdown.

We have ensured that we have responded to all areas of the guidance and have arranged for the following changes to our school organisation:

  • Clear hygiene procedures for regularly hand cleaning and cleaning of the school building.
  • Staggered start times, end times, breaks and lunches to avoid year groups mixing with each other.
  •  Effective corridor management.
  • A full risk assessment will be made available on our website once all arrangements have been confirmed.

As you will be aware the Government guidance on the use of face masks in schools has been changing daily. The current situation is that for schools in areas of local lockdown, students must wear face coverings in corridors and communal areas where social distancing is difficult to maintain. We are not currently in a local lockdown area so I have made the decision that face coverings at HLC Secondary are optional for both staff and students in corridors and communal areas. I would ask that any face masks worn by students are school appropriate. The use of face masks for students will be updated in our behaviour policy ready for the start of term to ensure students are aware of our expectations when using them. This will include removing them when requested by a member of staff.

I know you will have lots of questions about returning to HLC so please do not hesitate to contact any member of the leadership team who will be happy to support you. I have summarised arrangements for the start of term to help you plan for the return of your child to HLC.

Return Date

Wednesday 2nd September: Year 7 only (Transition Day) Thursday 3rd September: Year 7, 8 and 11 only
Friday 4th September: Year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 (all year groups) Start and finish times
The start and finish times are designed, in line with Government guidance, to ensure that there are no gatherings of parents and students. To avoid year groups mixing with each other we will be staggering start and finish times and identifying specific entry and exit points. Please can you ensure that your child arrives on time to avoid entering the school with another year group.

  • Year 7: 8.50am start and 14.50pm dismissal. Entry and exit through the Secondary Entrance.
  • Year 8: 8.50am start and 14.50pm dismissal. Entry and exit through the Basketball Court Entrance.
  • Year 9: 8.50am start and 14.50pm dismissal. Entry and exit through the Sports Corridor Entrance.
  • Year 10: 8.40am start and 15.00pm dismissal. Entry and exit through the Secondary Entrance.
  • Year 11: 8.40am start and 15.10pm dismissal.* Entry and exit through the Basketball Court Entrance.

*intervention will continue until 16.00pm.
If you are driving, please be aware we will also be managing a new road system around the school so please make every effort to walk or cycle if possible.


We expect all students to be wearing full school uniform from the first day. If you have not yet booked an appointment at Bakers, Wellington, please consider arranging this soon. If you have any questions relating to uniform, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Lunch and Break

Due to Covid19 we have had to change our normal lunch and break arrangements. All lunches and breaks will be staggered to ensure there is a maximum of two year groups on break or lunch at any one time. There will be breaktime snacks available to purchase but we would ask if students are bringing in snacks that they meet Healthy School’s guidance. Hot lunches will continue to be available alongside a selection of sandwiches and wraps. Students are welcome to bring in their own packed lunch. Again, we would ask that this food meets Healthy School’s guidance.

When two year groups are on lunch together we will split the lunch. Students will have 15 minutes inside and 15 minutes outside to allow for students to rotate around the food serveries. Given that students will be required to move outside, under the canopies, we would suggest they bring an appropriate outdoor coat.

Further information

We would ask that you ensure that your child comes to school with a black / blue pen, red pen, pencil, ruler, rubber and glue in a pencil case because we will be unable to supply equipment within our risk assessment.

Please be aware that the Community entrance area will be closed to students and parents before and after school. If you do need to contact school, please telephone reception on 01952 387000.

We aim to introduce a breakfast and homework club after the first two weeks of the school term. Further details on this will be released in September. To reduce year group mixing of students please aim to ensure that your child is not in and around school beyond the school day, this includes in the community area which will be closed.

I imagine that you have many questions and I hope that this letter addresses everything that you need to know. Should there be any further information that you require, please contact the school and you will be directed to the relevant member of staff.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all continued health and to thank you for your support throughout this year.

Yours faithfully,

Mr D.Roycroft