PCR Test Registration Guidance

Dear Parent/Carer,

Following my letter last week I would like to thank you for your continued support in helping to protect our students, staff and local community. As you will be aware, our local area has been identified as having a higher number of cases than the national average, including a new strain of the COVID variant. The advice we have received tells us that there is currently no evidence that this variant causes more severe illness, but it is important that Public Health England and Telford & Wrekin council can monitor its impact and reduce outbreaks.

Following an extensive publicity campaign in the news, you will already know that the Telford Cultural and Leisure Centre in Hadley is now open as a NHS Test & Trace centre. As a school we continue to work closely with the local authority and Public Health England who have directed us to request that our students and all members of their household complete a PCR test at home. This includes those families who may have refused consent for student lateral flow testing. The purpose of this is to protect our community by identifying any more positive COVID cases quickly in order to be able to reduce the impact on our families and wider community. By HLC families completing their PCR at home this will reduce pressure on the test centre.

Your child has brought home enough PCR test kits for each member of the household. We would ask you to complete the PCR today or as soon as possible thereafter. Your child must return all completed kits to school as soon as possible where they will be collected by Public Health England and taken for testing. You will receive the results of your test directly from NHS Test & Trace.

It is important to stress that this request is directly from Telford and Wrekin Local Authority and Public Health England and therefore we would encourage all of our families to support them by completing the PCR. As a school, we are required to facilitate delivery and collection to make it easier for you to complete your test.

The PCR test is very simple to complete – HLC students who have been completing lateral flow testing will recognise what to do. If you do require support, there is an online video available at: How to take a coronavirus self-test swab – YouTube (youtu.be/zCqo7MhQT6U). This is also available on our school website. Once you have done the test, you must complete the bar code record sheet for your household so that Public Health England can identify who each test belongs to. Please remember to return the completed PCR test to school. Do not post your test via Royal Mail.

The following  steps and resources will help you complete the tests required and take you through the process.

1. How to log your test guidance – it is vitally important that you log each PCR test that has been completed on the government website by following this guidance. We have provided a step-by-step guide on how to do this. If in doubt, please call the school and we will try to support you.
Resource: How to Register Your PCR Test.pdf

2. PCR bar code record sheet – please note down the bar code for each test along with the name of the household member who has used that PCR. This record sheet must be returned to school with the PCR kits.
Resource: Bar Code Record Sheet.docx

3. Registering Your PCR Test Guidance Video – We have also created a step by step video for you to follow which can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKHWT7du-T0

I hope that you will support Public Health England and be reassured that we are taking significant actions to keep our community safe. If you have any queries then please contact myself at paul.roberts@lct.education or Telford and Wrekin Council’s Health Protection Hub at healthprotectionhub@telford.gov.uk

As always, thank you for working with us to keep our community safe.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Roberts
Executive Principal