Start of Term Arrangements

20 July, 2022

Date Published: 20 July, 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,

We feel a real sense of pride in our students, staff and wider community as we look back and reflect on the incredible year that we have had to ensure that our students receive the best possible education and wider opportunities to develop their character and wellbeing. This was confirmed by the excellent Ofsted report that we received this term who recognised our ‘delightful’ students, their work ethic and pride in the school.

End of term arrangements

This week we are having a Colour run for charity. This will take place on the afternoon of Wednesday 20th July. Students should arrive in their HLC PE kit, which can be worn for the whole day. Students will complete the colour run after lunch and will be dismissed from the sports fields at the end of the day.

Thursday: Students should arrive in their normal school uniform. We will run normal lessons and will have a celebration assembly in Form Time to look back on all of our students’ great successes throughout this year.

The school day will finish for the summer holidays at 2.50pm on Thursday 21st July.

Return to school arrangements

To support our Year 7s with transitioning to secondary, there will be a staggered start to the school year.

Monday 5th September: PD Day. Staff only in school.

Tuesday 6th September: Year 7 and 11. Please arrive to the main school student entrance gates. The gates will be open from 8.30am. Students should wear full school uniform and be in school by 8.40am. Year 7s will be met by their Form Tutors.

Wednesday 7th September: All students return to school. The gates will be open from 8.30am. Students should wear full school uniform and be in school by 8.40am.

Breakfast and homework club will open from Monday 12th September. Breakfast club starts 8.10am and homework club runs from the end of school until 4pm. Both are supervised to ensure our students are safe and supported.

Uniform and Standards

We are very proud of our high standards at HLC and believe that this is the foundation for our successes in learning, sports and the Arts. We therefore ask that over the summer holidays our families ensure that all students are provided with the correct uniform and equipment to allow them to have a positive start to the 2022 academic year. I have included a link to Baker and Son school wear, so you are able to order uniform.

Form Time and Reading

We are very proud of the 20 minutes that we dedicate each day to ensure that all students read a book to develop their love of reading and support their wellbeing. We have therefore made the decision to put this session at the start of the day with Form Time. This means that there will be a change to some Form Tutors next year to allow all students to have their reading/ form group as small as possible. Your child’s Form Tutor will be updated on your My Child at School app. This decision has not been taken lightly as we recognise that many students have a positive relationship with their tutor, but we are very keen to make form groups as small and personalised as possible with the correct support available.


It is always difficult at this time of year to say goodbye to some very valued colleagues. We wish them all the best as they go on to new opportunities.

Thank you again for all the support you have offered the school this year, from managing the various Covid rules to helping your child attend fixtures and performances, we are very aware of the power of the collective HLC family in delivering such a comprehensive school experience. We really look forward to welcoming the new Year 7s to this school community in September and seeing them take on the new challenges and opportunities at HLC Secondary.


Wishing you a lovely and relaxing summer.

Kind Regards,

Mr Dan Roycroft
Secondary Headteacher