School attendance

At Hadley Learning Community, we believe that attending school regularly is vitally important to your child’s future. If your child is absent from school they will obviously be missing lessons and learning opportunities. National research has proven that children who miss school frequently will fall behind with their schoolwork, which has a negative impact on exam performance and can lead to poor social skills and friendship issues.  Children who are persistently absent from school are also at increased risk of becoming involved with anti-social behaviour and crime.

We believe that every student should strive to achieve 100% attendance, and robust systems are in place to support families and children in achieving this goal. We reward our students for outstanding attendance in a number of ways, to promote a strong work ethic and prepare our students for life beyond school.  We want to maximise the future chances for all students.

We have a fulltime attendance support team led by Sharon Cloughley and it is her role to monitor student attendance, support families and implement our systems that challenge poor attendance.

Mrs. Sharon Cloughley

Secondary Attendance Officer
01952 387229

Useful information on attendance

If your child is absent from school, please contact the school absence line 01952 387000 option 1 as early as possible on the first day of the absence and every subsequent day that your child will be absent from school. Please clearly state your child’s name, year group and the reason for the absence.

You can call Sharon Cloughley from 07:30am on 01952387229

If your child doesn’t  arrive to school and we have not heard from you we will contact you that morning and may undertake a home visit if we are not able to speak to you. This is a key aspect of our school safeguarding procedures.


Once your child is registered at a school, you are legally responsible for making sure they attend regularly. If your child fails to do so and there are no exceptional circumstances for an absence, you are at risk of being issued with a penalty notice or being prosecuted in court.

If our school identifies your child as having low attendance, a letter expressing our concern will be sent to you. The attendance service within the Learning Community Trust will also notified. Within the letter, we may request a meeting to advise you of your legal responsibilities as a parent/carer and to examine any issues that may be causing poor attendance. From this, an action plan will be initiated in order to improve attendance. If parents/carers do not attend this meeting, the Attendance Lead will offer a home visit to discuss any concerns.

If there is no improvement in your child’s attendance, a legal meeting will be held. Following this, if there is still no improvement, legal proceedings may follow.

Holidays in term time 

All schools within Telford and Wrekin agreed to not allow holidays within term time. This agreement is fully supported by Hadley Learning Community. It is at the Headteachers discretion to allow a holiday under extreme circumstances. The areas considered are:

  • Children who’s direct family is in the armed forces
  • Serious medical conditions
  • Children in care

Request a leave of absence

If you are considering taking your child out of school, you must complete the school's leave of absence request form you can find on this page. The school will then consider the request and respond to you.

Absence without permission

If you choose to take your child out of school for a holiday or any other leave of absence without permission from school, it will be recorded as a period of unauthorised absence. This means that you may be issued a penalty notice (a fine) to pay.