Options: Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4

By the end of Year 8 students will have reached the next stage of their education journey and it will be time to choose their options for the next three years… How do they pick what subjects to study? How do they decide which courses are right for them? Subject teachers and form tutors will work closely with students and look at the different ways to help them choose well. Students will have the opportunity to take part a hands on careers discovery and taster morning at Priorslee University Campus where many local businesses will be there to explain the skills and aptitudes needed to succeed in their companies.

Parents are invited to attend our annual Careers Convention at HLC and through Citizenship and Tutor Time, students will play The Real Game. The Real Game supports the transition from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4 and illustrates the importance of adaptability and introduces the concept of transferable skills.

In the Real Game, students role-play as single adults in occupational roles. They see how schoolwork relates to occupational choices and therefore to lifestyle and income. Within their job-role, students have the opportunity to explore adult realities, such as budgeting (taxes, mortgage or rent, other bills and transport), work life balance, different work and family roles and career making decisions.

The job profiles included in the game reflect a broad range of employment opportunities and demonstrate that not all jobs are created equally and in the real world some people are stuck in jobs they do not like. Students learn that if they plan ahead and make the most of their school years they may avoid this eventuality. By the end of the Real Game, students realise that satisfaction in work is a priority issue in life and that it is an outcome that they can achieve by making the choices that are right for them.

The Real Game is a lifestyle, learning and earning teaching resource for Key Stage 3 students. It is a flexible resource used to deliver the learning outcomes for the National Careers Education Framework 7 – 19 and PSHEE.

Options Post 16

There are lots of things to think about when students leave HLC. To help students choose what to do next, Form Tutors and FutureFocus both play a valuable role.

All Year 11 students complete their ‘Choices Checklist’ in September and Where Next’ forms in March to help prioritise one to one FutureFocus interviews, and careers packs, with important dates for open evenings and application deadlines are given to each student.Open evening for the colleges and sixth forms are further promoted during assemblies, consultation day and parent’s evenings.

During Citizenship, the different options, and the routes into them are explored. Some might enjoy school and may like to continue their learning in a classroom and move to a sixth form or a further education college. Others might prefer more hands-on ways of doing things, so they may want to think about an apprenticeship and ‘earn while they learn’.

HLC holds an annual Careers Convention in November and is well attended by local colleges, sixth forms, employers and other education and training providers. Parents are also welcome at the event.