Students who study Computing at HLC will be successful, enthusiastic, resilient and able to participate effectively in the digital world of the future.
Students will understand the scientific and practical study of computation: what can be computed, how to compute it, and how computation may be applied to the solution of problems.
Our students enjoy learning about how computers function as well as the challenge of problem solving, and this subject provides the perfect platform for them to discover their full potential within the area of Computer Science.
Students will be comfortable sharing their own ideas, respect those of others and be eager to debate new ones, both in relation to the areas they have studied and wider ideas from the ever-changing world in which they belong.
To provide students with the opportunity to embrace technology and to inspire them within the subject

Homeworks for Computing are built into our online assignments that we use in class to allow students to complete work using the computers. Some homeworks offer opportunities for independent research as either preparation for or response to a lesson, while others encourage recall of recent learning.

Meet the Team

Mrs. Natalie Stewart
Head of Computing

Mr. Sandip Mahey
Computing Teacher