Welcome to the Engineering Department

Students who study Design Technology / Engineering / Food at HLC will be successful, enthusiastic, and resilient and produce creative work, exploring their ideas and recording their experiences. Students will become proficient in researching, understanding design briefs, producing design ideas and developing their making skills.
Students will enjoy learning about how the design process works as well as the challenge of problem solving in a practical way.
Students will learn to evaluate, analyse and understand a user’s needs in relation to aesthetics, ergonomics, cost and environmental concerns. They will be able to produce creative solutions in response to a design brief. They will develop an ability to interpret, make judgments and express opinions and show respect for the work others.
Students will be inspired by the way in which Design Technology / Engineering have influenced the world around them, they will look at our past in order to design for the future.
Our team aim to create a learning environment in which students feel they belong and are safe and supported in their creative journey.