The more you know about the past. the better prepared you are for the future.Theodore Roosvelt

Through the study of History at HLC our students enjoy the opportunity to learn about a breadth of history through a chronological approach that takes them from the Norman Conquest of 1066 through to the Cold War in the twentieth century.  Our students develop an understanding how the world around them has been shaped by the past and develop a sense of respect and admiration for others. They study key historical themes, such as the power of democracy, the role of religion, as well as fundamental principles of human rights. We promote discussion and encourage curiosity to ensure students have a sense of belonging and understanding.  Our expanding and innovative History team aim to inspire a thirst for learning by studying key individuals and notable events that have shaped the past.  We firmly believe that an independent and inquisitive approach helps to lead our students to the success at GCSE and beyond that has come to be a key feature of our department. 

At GCSE our students follow the Edexcel specification and study Medicine Through Time, Elizabethan England, the American West and Nazi Germany. We feel that this continues the breadth of historical understanding that students develop in the lower school underpinned by the academic rigour that has become synonymous with HLC History.

We further develop our students’ understanding and empathy of historical events through an annual visit to the First World War cemeteries in France or Belgium, where we visit notable battlegrounds and memorials.  This has led to an increased appreciation for past generations and for the History that surrounds us.

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Meet the Team

Mrs. Sarah Moore
Head of Dept.

Mr. Steve Dawson
History Teacher

Mr. Karl Downes
History Teacher

Miss. Emma Kendall
History Teacher

Mrs. Louise McMullen
History Teacher