The homework strategy at HLC is designed to support students in moving the core knowledge taught in lessons into their long-term memory. The aim is to enable students to free up space in their working memory so that they can complete their work with fluency. This is very similar to knowing how to drive. We know how to drive so well that we free up the space in our brains to focus on our route, any hazards and even conversations in the car. Through our homework strategy we aim to ensure that students know the information we have taught them so thoroughly that they will be have freed up space in their working memories to complete challenging tasks, such as write well argued essays and contribute appropriately to discussions.

We know that the human brain naturally forgets information, therefore in order for our students to move the knowledge from the lessons into their long-term memory they have to repeatedly recall that information. The more times they recall or retrieve the information the less likely they are to forget it.

The Curve of Forgetting

We therefore want our students to practise remembering the core knowledge from their lessons at home. Teachers have created ‘Knowledge Organisers’, which is an A4 sheet of the core knowledge for each topic, for students to learn.

Below are videos on different strategies that students can use to help revise the core knowledge using the Knowledge Organisers.

When students get back into lesson their teacher will give them quizzes and activities to see what they have remembered. This will help them to know what they need to revise in the future; what is in their long-term memory and what they still have to work at remembering.

The Knowledge Organisers for each department can be found on Teams.

Homework Strategies

Knowledge Organisers



Look, Cover, Write & Repeat

Homework Frequency

How we set Homework

At HLC homework is set on Teams by the class teacher. Using the assignments tab on Microsoft Teams, which students access with their school login, both staff and students can keep track of homework that is set and give feedback on any submitted work.

Links will be provided to any external websites that students are required to access. Login details will be provided in lesson.

On some tasks, students will be required to upload files. This can be done from within Microsoft Teams or via the Class Notebook.

Where appropriate, staff will then use Microsoft Teams to provide feedback to students on the work completed.

If you’d like to get in touch with the school or provide feedback, please contact Mrs. Caroline Bedford (Assistant Headteacher) via email


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