To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world.Chinese Proverb

Students at HLC study either French or Spanish.  We have an excellent team of specialist linguists within our department who are passionate about ensuring that our students become fully immersed in the language and culture of both France and Spain.

To fulfil this core purpose we offer a well designed languages curriculum that is enhanced by a range of enrichment opportunities, both locally and abroad. Our students have a curiosity and fascination in discovering the world and its people, as well as having an interest and intention to travel in order to deepen their understanding of different cultures and societies. We work with them to ensure that they have an understanding of the ways in which languages are interconnected and play a part in our daily lives.

At HLC we follow the work of a great linguist called Dr.Gianfranco Conti and through the strategies advocated by him, we ensure that our students develop an extensive core of vocabulary and grammatical structures which are learned and regularly practiced so that students are confident communicators in a variety of contexts. Languages at HLC is fun and interactive, so that we develop curious learners with the confidence to mould the language to their specific needs.

The knowledge, skills and confidence that are built in KS3 help our students to go on to succeed at GCSE. This is supported by a range of real-life opportunities to use their language skills, from tapas evenings and flamenco dance workshops to a joint Art and Languages trip to Paris and an exchange with students from Spain.

Language learners at Hadley Learning Community have an appreciation for the world they live in and a deep understanding of their place in an every changing, multi-cultural society. The invaluable communication skills and creativity developed through learning a foreign language fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of other cultures on a local, national and international stage, making our students truly global citizens.

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Meet the Team

Mrs. Rebecca Thomas
Subject Leader KS4

Mrs. Walquiria Dunne
Subject Leader KS3

Mrs. Jill Lock
Assistant Headteacher

Mrs. Kelly Jones
Languages Teacher

Mrs. Laura Burke
Languages Teacher