“Without mathematics, there’s nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you is numbers.” Shakuntala Devi

The Maths Department provides a vibrant, positive environment where all students are given the belief and the opportunity to achieve their potential through high quality learning experiences and outstanding levels of support. The Mathematics curriculum aims to equip pupils with the knowledge, ability and functionality to solve problems by applying their mathematic skills to a variety of real life problems; this is supported by embedding and regular reinforcing cross curricular skills through the five strands of Mathematics; Number, Algebra, Probability, Statistics and Ratio and Proportion.

Using their knowledge of these strands, students will be able to simplify problems into a series of smaller steps that will enable them to solve, reason and justify their solution to any problem.  We want the pupils of Hadley Learning Community to question what and why they are learning in order to gain a much deeper understanding and knowledge of Mathematics. We will inspire our students to appreciate the power and beauty of Mathematics and to gain a sense of enjoyment and curiosity from the Mathematics that surrounds them in everyday life. 

We have a fundamental belief that all students are able to succeed in Mathematics. Their achievement is enabled through the process of intelligent practice, effective curriculum sequencing, and instilling a love of Mathematics which will inspire our students to believe in themselves, enjoy the subject and to succeed. 

Throughout Key Stage 4, students will follow the Edexcel Linear GCSE Course either at Foundation or Higher tier, with the more able students also being given the opportunity to study GCSE Statistics.

Key Stage 3 students are given one homework per week relating to their current topic. We use a range of activities, including; MathsWatch activities, topic reviews and Knowledge Organisers. This is available through Microsoft Teams.

Key Stage 4 students are given one homework per week. We use a range of activities, including GCSE POD activities, MathsWatch activities, topic reviews and Knowledge Organisers. This is available through Microsoft Teams.


Meet the Team

Mr. David Casey
Head of Dept.

Mr. David Stringer
Assistant Subject Leader

Mrs. Gabrielle Hickman
Maths Teacher

Mrs. Stephanie Brown
Asst. Headteacher

Mr. Kim Pickford
Maths Teacher

Mrs. Samantha Nagy
Maths Teacher

Mrs. Jane Spendlove
Maths Teacher

Mrs. Shelley Price
Maths Teacher

Mrs. Katie Wynne
Numeracy Lead

Mr. Simon Prince
Maths Teacher

Mr. Aaron Davies-Friend
Maths Teacher

Mr. Daniel Peate
Maths Teacher

Mrs. Alison Williams
Maths Teacher

Mrs. Leanne Richards
Intervention Lead