Mrs. Vicky Finch
Head of Performing Arts



"To practice any art, no matter how well or how badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it! "Kurt Vonnegut

Performing Arts are at the heart of HLC’s ethos with all students studying Dance, Drama & Music at KS3. We are incredibly proud of our students who we nurture to achieve their personal best in all three disciplines.  

The Performing Arts Team seek to inspire a love for the Arts and capture the imagination of our students by introducing them to a rich diet of culture and diverse traditions, whilst developing confident and caring individuals who are equipped to deal with the world in which we live. Our students enjoy learning through practical activities which encompass a wide range of dance, acting and musical styles. They learn creative ways to express themselves and will use their senses, perceptions, feelings and values to communicate ideas, emotions and experiences. Development of critical faculties enables them to effectively evaluate their own work and that of others.  

Through a safe and respectful environment, students learn to trust their ideas and abilities and grow in confidence whilst honing teamwork and cooperation skills. Through the study of specific skills and techniques, students will develop their resilience, self-discipline, health and wellbeing in order to overcome challenges and learn how to present themselves going into real life situations.  

All students are encouraged to develop their skills further through our extensive range of enrichment activities, including instrumental lessons, which provide numerous opportunities for students of all abilities to perform in a range of events. Students with a talent and passion for our subjects are pushed to perform at the highest level. We ensure to provide professional opportunities and experiences which will prepare them for further study and a potential career in the industry.  

Key Stage 3 students are set tasks relevant to their current scheme of work. This may involve practising material introduced in the lesson or it could be a research, appreciation or evaluation task. Homework tasks are handed out in lessons and published on Teams. 
Key Stage 4 Performing Arts students are set work each week that relates to the current BTEC or RSL unit being studied. This can include individual practice with subsequent reflection on their skill development and progress. It may be research into specific professional works which support the learning in lessons. Tasks and resources are always distributed in lessons as well as being published on Teams. 

Meet the Team

Vicky Finch
Head of Performing Arts

Kathy Marvill
Drama Teacher

Pete Checkley
Music / Drama Teacher

Mrs. Grace Birch
Dance Teacher / Lead Practitioner for Teaching & Learning

Nichola Champion
Drama Teacher

Brogan Scullion
Dance / Drama Teacher