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PE at HLC underpins the core values of our school as we provide opportunities for our students to develop their sense of belonging, enjoyment and success within the HLC community. We also foster respectful attitudes, both on and off the sporting field, as well as coaching students to be sports leaders who inspire others in the school.

The KS3/4 physical education core programme offers students the opportunity to focus on further developing skills learnt in Key Stage 2/3 and to introduce these skills into competitive situations. Students will be given the opportunity to become increasingly skilful and intelligent performers, acquire and develop skills, learn how to select and apply skills and basic tactics, and develop positive attitudes to participation in physical activity.

Our goals is for students to leave our subject as more confident learners who have developed a range of transferable life skills and have a passion for one or more activity areas they have experienced within the PE Curriculum.

The Physical Education department offer clubs every morning and every afternoon, enabling students to access a vast amount of sports. For those students interested in specific sports we offer an annual sports tour where the PE staff organise and attend a week’s break to a range of destinations. We want to give our students the chance to experience different cultures. The most recent tour was the Belgium football and netball tour, where 64 students attended and competed across Belgium in competitive tournaments.

Students in PE follow a curriculum consisting of 6 activity areas across each academic year. Within each activity area students will cover 3 strands: ‘Fit to Perform’, ‘Fit to Lead’ and ‘Fit for Life’. Students will be offered a diverse range of enrichment opportunities to further embed skills developed, character and create positive attitudes and relationships.

Students are taught to:

  • Students are taught to use a range of tactics and strategies to overcome opponents in competition, through inter/intra house competition and on a lesson to lesson basis. Sports include (football, rugby, badminton, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, netball, rounders, and tennis).
  • Students are taught to develop their technique and improve their performance in competitive sports across a range of disciplines. For example, athletics and gymnastics
  • Students take part in outdoor and adventurous activities which present intellectual and physical challenges, through Duke of Edinburgh, enrichment activities to Arthog outreach and onsite activities’ for example orienteering, team building activities.
  • Students will analyse their performances, and the performance of other, presenting the opportunities to reflect on strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Students will take part in competitive sports and activities outside school through extracurricular opportunities both within the local community and in the wider area. Students will have the opportunity to represent the school in a range of activity areas against a range of local schools. Students will benefit from the club links the school has, this gives them an opportunity to further develop in a sport of their choice.
  • Students will develop physical health and fitness and the knowledge of the processes required to become a healthy person.
  • Students will experience the social side of Physical Activity, this will have a positive impact on mental health and give students the feeling of belonging to a greater purpose, developing relationships and empathy for others.

At Hadley Learning Community we encourage students to develop a passion for learning both in and outside of school. In order to develop this passion and understanding the PE department will set one piece of homework that will be issued in core PE each half term.

This homework will be a combination of knowledge based and practical activities, followed by a low stakes test to measure the students’ understanding.

The activities are linked to the knowledge, understanding and skill development which will be taught across all the activities areas and will therefore assist the students’ progress in lessons.

Scheduled homework programme:

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Luke Fletcher Head of PE


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Head of Dept.

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P.E Teacher

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P.E Teacher

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P.E Teacher

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