Miss. Danielle Penn
Project Hadley Lead


Miss. Rhianne Lloyd
Project Hadley Lead

Project Hadley Colours

Input your text here! The text element is intended for longform copy that could potentially include multiple paraProject Hadley Colours is the school award system that allows our students to take part in a wealth of enrichment and activities that allow them to support the school and wider community, whilst also providing them with a rich portfolio of character development. Students achieve their Colours by taking part in activities and performing selfless acts to benefit others.

These selfless acts relate directly to the ethos of HLC – To Belong, Respect, Inspire, Succeed and Enjoy.

All areas and departments in school provide opportunities to our students so that they can perform these selfless acts.

More information about Project Hadley Colours can be found here.

Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh group run activities both inside and outside of school. This group gives students the opportunity to communicate and work in a team in a non-structured environment.

It also gives students the chance to learn new skills and develop old ones, such as map reading, first aid, volunteering and camp craft.

Aim: to develop skills (we didn’t know we had) while being pushed to the limit (but wanting to do it all over again).


The Young Enterprise Company Programme is a high profile element of Project Hadley. It provides students with a tried-and-tested quality Business and Enterprise experience that is second to none. Students have the opportunity to set up their own business for a year and attend trade fairs in Telford and Shrewsbury Town Centre’s. The skills that students develop through the programme are directly relevant to the workplace.

Aim: to gain skills to help us learn and develop how to set up a business independently and as a team.


The Charity Team organises fundraising events to help both the school and the wider community. The group is a great opportunity to really make a positive change in your day-to-day environment and can bring a huge sense of accomplishment.

They have been involved in the Macmillan Coffee Morning as well as holding a non-uniform day for Children in Need. Most notably, the Charity Team have been very successful in collecting items for Telford Crisis support.

Aim: to make your HLC experience one to remember by planning phenomenal trips and fun activities.

Learning Ambassadors

Learning Ambassadors are a group of students across different year groups, who are passionate and committed to improving Teaching and Learning at HLC. The role of our Learning Ambassadors is to promote learning in school and to help our students be the best learners they can be. We do this by identifying positive learning behaviours, barriers to learning and how we might overcome these. We would like to represent our ‘student voice’ focusing on their learning experiences.

Aim: to overcome barriers by being a student voice and improve your learning experience.


The Project Hadley Literacy team was set up in order to encourage students to engage with reading and writing in a context that extends beyond the four walls of their English classrooms. When we restrict our interaction with literacy to one subject we narrow our minds and stifle our progress. The Project Hadley Literacy team, therefore, want to spread the message that we should read and write widely and at every available opportunity.

Aim: to spread a positive mentality of writing. We want to encourage more people to read and write, as well as strengthening spelling skills.


The Project Hadley Numeracy team was set up with the purpose of letting pupils explore mathematics outside of the confines of the classroom setting. Allowing pupils to develop of deeper understanding as well as demonstrating that mathematics is a life skill.
Originally our main goal was to compete in the UKMT Maths Challenge, and though we will still compete again this year our aspirations have grown exponentially. This year we will look to develop a cross phase working-relationship with HLC Primary allowing our pupils to build up the skills necessary to teach a maths lesson to some of our youngest learners.

Aim: to add on to pupils knowledge and multiply maths resources across the school..

We are very proud of the work that our students do in the wider community and the positive reputation that our students enjoy within our community.


The Media Team record all events that take place within Project Hadley and the wider school. The videos and images are shown on the screens around the building.
The team also work with the local press, such as the Shropshire Star to promote the good work that Project Hadley are doing. Most recently the team have had a full day’s training and have been making health and safety videos for Saint Gobain.

Aim: to capture the memories of HLC students throughout their years at HLC.


The Promotions Team are new group for this academic year. They produce a termly newsletter to let students and staff know about the many events and activities that have been going on within Project Hadley. They spread the word about upcoming events, as well as collecting student views about new ideas.

Aim: to spread the word of Project Hadley!



The STEM Team have taken part in many enrichment activities throughout the year while promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. The STEM Team have been involved with TEEN Tech, creating products to support others across different topics.
Other activities have included: visits to Jaguar Land Rover, Enginuity, MTC Coventry, Wembley and The Royal Society

Aim: to make Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths fun for all ages and genders!

Student Wellbeing

The Student Wellbeing group works with and advises our staff and students on all aspects relating to student welfare, safety and happiness. As well as providing the opportunity to work with like-minded young people, this group are responsible for representing the concerns and wishes of their peers in a drive to improve the ‘student experience’ at HLC.

Aim: to protect and care for all students, making sure they feel happy, safe and secure.