We believe that rewarding students is a critical part of the work we do at HLC. Our ethos and culture focuses on promoting success and supporting our students to be the very best they can be. Our reward system enables staff to reward students in all aspects of their school life.

This includes academic success, progress, attendance, representing the school in sport, performing in dance, drama and music, being involved in our shows, working beyond HLC, leadership and many other contributions to the life of the school.

We link the rewards system to our House system to encourage competition and pride in the success of their House.
All students are included in the rewards system and the staff are actively encouraged to use the system daily, rewarding 3 positive log slips in each class.

The system is very simple and works well. Staff award “positive logs” to 3 students in every class. The students are responsible for handing in their positive log slips at break and lunch to our rewards booth where they can exchange them for a range of different physical rewards such as vouchers, footballs, stationary and notebooks. The positive logs are recorded electronically on the student’s records. At the end of the day the list of positive logs is emailed to all staff so that they are all aware of who has gained a positive log(s) that day. This allows tutors to congratulate students during tutor time and for key staff, such as SSMs and the leadership team, to monitor the achievements of the students in their care.

Alongside this, each positive log is converted to a house point as part of our house system. We publish the house points total weekly and these are a subject of great discussion during house assemblies!

Students also gain house points during inter-house competitions such as sports day, house matches, swimming gala and HLC’s got talent to name a few!

The winning house, with the most house points for the term, is presented with the “House” trophy at the end of term assembly.

We also organise “rewards” events and trips during the year, which we subsidise, to congratulate students who come to school every day, gain positive logs and also do not get any, or very few, C2s or C3s from our behaviour for learning system.

Older students get the opportunity to develop their leadership skills as Junior Sports Leaders, they can apply at the end of Y10 to be a prefect in Y11 and we select our Head Boy and Head Girl, each year, from the successful prefect candidates.