School Uniform

Hadley Learning Community believes that the pride our students take in their appearance is a reflection of their attitude to their studies. In 2017/18 we released a new school uniform as voted for by our students. The student body decided to make changes to a more formal uniform code and this was wholeheartedly supported by our parents and governors during a consultation.

With this in mind we would like to thank you for supporting us to maintain our excellent standard of uniform and appearance. However we would also like to take this opportunity to remind you of our expectations, as outlined below.

NOTE: Second hand uniform is available upon request from the school. Please contact the school office for more information.


School uniform should not be confused with current ‘fashion’!

Students should travel to and from school in full uniform.

  • Black HLC blazer with the HLC logo
  • White shirt – with the top button fastened
  • School tie – house colours
  • Optional black school jumper with HLC logo
  • Black trousers for boys or girls OR black skirt (maximum of one inch above the knee) for girls
  • Black shoes – Please purchase plain and traditional leather school/work shoes. No trainers or pumps. Any brand such as Nike, Adidas and Converse will be classed as trainers
  • Plain black socks
  • School bag with the HLC logo

Again we would ask you to ensure that students arrive at school looking smart. We do not allow the following:

  • Strongly coloured or streaked hair
  • Shaven heads
  • Razor markings in the hair or eye-brows
  • Make-up
  • Nail varnish/ fake nails
  • Body and facial piercings
  • Earrings (one pair of small stud earrings is allowed)
Muslim Students

Our Muslim students have slight changes to their dress code:-

  • Girls may wear a plain black hijab with the HLC school uniform of a white shirt, a tie and blazer. Alternatively, a white kameez may be worn with black trousers
  • Girls may also wear a special swimsuit designed for Muslim girls
  • In PE may wear black tracksuit bottoms
  • Muslim boys should all wear the normal school uniform

(In a HLC school bag – students can also lease a locker in September if they wish)

  • Pen
  • Pencil
  • Small Ruler
  • Rubber
  • Pencil Case
  • PE Kit /Dance kit (on the relevant, timetabled days)
We DO NOT allow the following
  • Short skirts (no shorter than 1 inch above the knee)
  • Skinny’ or tight trousers
  • No jeans/Denim
  • Tracksuit trousers
  • Extra-wide flares
  • Trainers
  • Wide belts
  • Jewellery and elaborate hair decorations

School Uniform Guideline

For information on our school uniform requirements please download our School Uniform Guidelines. School uniform should be ordered and purchased directly from our school uniform provider, Baker and Son Schoolwear. If you experience any difficulties with placing an order please contact the school office for assistance. Click Here to download our School Uniform Guidelines