Our Policy on Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Rebecca Harvey

Director of Inclusion SENDCO
01952 387006

At HLC we have a strong commitment to SEND and see it as a high priority for our school as supporting students with SEND is indispensable for its success. We have a clear principal for our SEND students which is reflected in our policies, staffing structure and teaching practices.

Everyone at HLC shares the same ambition for high quality support and outcomes for students with SEND, and everyone is clear what their role is in achieving this.

At HLC we provide an environment with high expectations for students with SEND and work at all times to assist them to participate and achieve. We provide an inclusive environment where teaching programmes meet needs, are delivered by specialists and through creative practice, ensure all learners have the best possible chance to be successful.

Staff are trained towards competency, with opportunities for Professional Development from various sources ( which covers theory as well as practice) therefore building up a thorough understanding of their students’ needs. Staff have high expectations for students in terms of progression, accomplishments and end results. We support our students to move forward to independence and we provide smooth transition between educational phases and into adulthood. Achievements are acclaimed and questions are dealt with in an appropriate way for each student .We value working with students and their families as part of a team approach and value the contributions that everyone makes.

We recognise that each student is individual and will strive to personalise the learning experience through careful appraisal of learners’ needs, experiences and preferences which are identified as early as possible.

We provide supportive interventions to address specific needs with individualised programmes which are assessed; planned; monitored and reviewed regularly. Support and interventions are delivered by trained staff, with their objective and outcome clearly stated, shared and understood by all.

Everyone at HLC shares the same ambition for high quality support and outcomes for students with SEND, and everyone is clear what their role is in achieving this.

We aim to ensure that students are taught within the mainstream provision, with support where necessary and that disruption to their learning is minimal. Our inclusive approach to SEND at HLC means that we shall provide a combination of the following to suit needs:

  • Positive representation of SEND.
  • Re-organisation and staffing restructures.
  • A whole school learning environment.
  • Provision of a Learning Support Base.
  • Differentiated approaches to learning.
  • Celebration of success.
  • Promotion of Emotional health and well-being.
  • Consideration of support during non-curriculum times (with safe havens, Homework Support and non-academic extra curricular opportunities).
  • Preparation for transition and for adulthood.
  • Variation of the curriculum offer.
Miss. Hayley Mason

Assistant SENDCO

Mrs. Louise Reilly

Mental Health Lead

Mrs. Julie Harper

Family Support Liason
Emotional, Social and Communication Needs

Mr. Scott Morgan

Academic & Pastoral Mentoring
Cognition & Learning Difficulties

Mrs. Alison King

Lead For LSB & Library Development