The curriculum covers the following areas:

KS3 Art follows the National Curriculum guidelines projects cover a range of artistic disciplines including painting and drawing, sculpture, print making and ceramics. Within each project student are taught to develop practical skills and look at the work of a variety of contemporary and traditional artists. Students develop their own ideas and responses to the given themes. 
KS4 Art and Design is optional and students may choose to study GCSE Art and Design or Photography. GCSE is a single qualification course covering a wide range of skills, media and processes including the use of ICT.


Miss. Samantha Downes

Subject Leader

Mrs. Sarah Dawson


Mrs. Sarah Smith


Art Curriculum.

Year 7

Hours per week – 1


Flying Fish
Students explore the formal element of drawing through observational studies of fish. These studies are the used to inspire ideas for a ceramic tile. Students develop skills in the use of clay modelling techniques and learn how to add surface decoration to clay.


Distress and Distort
Students develop skills in the art of portraiture. Studying the work of the artist Alberto Giacometti, they explore marking making techniques and create a portrait of their peer.


The Landscape
Using landscapes for inspiration students explore various printing processes including relief printing and etching. Looking at the work of various contemporary print based artists such as Angie Lewin and Norman Akroyd they learn how to explore and manipulate materials.

Year 8

Hours per week – 1


Totem Poles
Considering art from other cultures students study Native American Totem Poles. After exploring the imagery and symbolism of animals they develop ideas for their own Totem pole. Using complex cardboard construction methods student create their own section of a Totem pole and then add creative surface decoration.


Human Face
In this project students explore the Expressionist Art movement and learn about colour theory. Students look at portraits from this period and develop a self-portrait in a similar style. Students learn how to use Photoshop to manipulate colour and then develop skills in painting.
Nuts and Bolts
Students explore the visual qualities of mechanical objects. They use their studies to inspire ideas for a ceramic pot. In making the pot students develop skills in constructing with clay and using special techniques to add decorative features.

Year 9

Hours per week – 1
Bugs and Butterflies
Students explore the visual qualities of insects. Through this students develop their observational drawing skills and ability to use a range of media by making detailed studies of a various insects. Students then developed ideas for a repeat pattern after looking at the work of various contemporary illustrators and designers.

Natural Form
In this project students develop an understating of relief sculpture and learn how to manipulate and construct with a range of materials. Inspired by their studies of natural forms student create an abstract relief sculpture and add creative surface pattern.


In year 10 students can opt to study:
Art and Design
Students develop skills in painting and drawing, ceramics and sculpture inspired by the themes of Architecture, Portraiture and Contemporary popular culture


Students learn how to use an SLR camera and the basic principles of Photography as well as developing a good grasp of photo editing software. Student explore photography through the themes of Texture, Person of Interest and Urban Decay.


Students develop skills in a range of textiles techniques and processes including printing, sewing and constructing and creative manipulation of fabrics. Students explore textile art through the themes of BirdS, Myth and Legend and Repeat.

Graphic Design.

Students learn the fundamentals of Graphic Design, incorporating projects such as: corporate identity, stop frame animation and packaging design. Students will adapt and develop their work using Photoshop and Illustrator.

Each course is made up of Unit 1 (the portfolio) and Unit 2 (the externally set task). Over two years students complete 3 projects that make up their portfolio.  In year 11 student complete the externally set task. Students select from a range of starting points sent by the exam board and develop their own work in response to one of these. Their final outcome is produced under exam conditions over a period of 10 hours.
Each course equips students with the skills and understanding to undertake further study in each area. In some areas students have the opportunity to working with visiting artists, visit local art galleries and go out on location to gather inspiration in support of their studies. Each student will present their work in an Exhibition at the end of their course.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development

Art and Design naturally lends itself to a wide range of Spiritual, Moral, Cultural and Social studies. In their Art lessons students will analyse, engage with and question their own and others work. Students explore how art and artefacts from different cultures are used to communicate beliefs and traditions. In year 8 students study Native America Art and explore Totem Poles and their cultural meaning.

Students are encouraged to express themselves through their art, which is supported by strong research into the wider world around them. Students explore emotion and identity through projects on portraiture in year 7, 8 and 11. Considering the work of different artists allows student to explore the ideas and concepts of others.
Students are taught to analyse visual imagery and express their ideas and interpretations of art from a range of art movements and cultures.  Students discuss work and develop skills in verbal communication as well as learning to read visual language.

The department undertakes a number of extra-curricular activities that enhance the students’ experience of the arts and its context in the world. Year 10 students studying Art and Photography visit a local city to explore the issue of Urban Decay, giving them the opportunity to make comparisons to their own local environment and that of a vast city. This project also encourages student to explore issues that relate to the wider world such homelessness and poverty.

Students in year 11 have the opportunity to work with a visiting artist. This allows them to appreciate how artists work and produce work outside of a classroom setting.
Art is displayed around the School and encourages an appreciation of the success of their peers. Year 11 hold an annual exhibition of work, an event that engages the whole school and wider community in the appreciation of Art.

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