Business and Enterprise Studies

Curriculum at the Hadley Learning Community (Years 10 and 11 only)


Business and Communication Systems at HLC is taught primarily at KS4 and adds an exciting dimension to learning. Students have the opportunity to investigate how businesses are set up and organised, their aims and objectives, and how they manage and recruit staff. They also have the opportunity to meet real business people and behave like real Entrepreneurs by setting up their own Business. Our students will become determined individuals who can confidently enter the world of work, make reasoned judgements and communicate effectively at all levels. Here is a message for our students:-

If you have the drive and initiative to undertake new ventures, come up with new and exciting ideas and have the “Can Do” attitude then come along and join us in the “Business and Enterprise Hub” of HLC.


Miss Andrea Jones

Subject leader

Business Curriculum.

Year 10

Hours per week: 3

Facilites on offer:
1 ICT /Business classroom with 30 computers
Engineering gallery for enrichment activities

Year 10
Starting a Business: • Starting a Business Enterprise • Aims and objectives • Business planning • Choosing appropriate legal structures • Choosing the location of a business People in Business: • Recruiting and motivating staff • Protecting staff through understanding legislation • Functional areas in a business • Communication in a business Business Enterprise: • Business ideas • Regulations and laws • Sources of finance
Marketing: • Conducting market research on a limited budget • Using the marketing mix Operational Management: • Production methods for manufacturing and providing a service • Customer service Controlled Assessment: • Research case study given • Preparatory work • Key spelling and grammar aspects • Familiarity with mark scheme • Write up findings
Finance: • Finance and support for small business • Financial terms and simple calculations • Using cash flowControlled Assessment: • Research case study given • Preparatory work • Key spelling and grammar aspects • Familiarity with mark scheme • Write up findings
Hours per week: 3
Year 11
Business Enterprise: • Business planning • Sources of advice Finance: • Finance for large businesses • Profit and loss accounts and balance sheets Business online: • How businesses trade online • The impact of online businesses on society
The Business Organisations: • Expanding a business • Choosing the right legal structure for the business • Changing Business aims and objectives • Choosing the best location Business online: • How to set up an online business • Why do business online • The benefits of having an online business Economic Factors: • 3 tiers of government • Economic growth • Business Cycle
Marketing: • The marketing mix • Using the marketing mix – price • Using the marketing mix – promotion • Using the marketing mix – price • Using the marketing mix – Place
Hours per week: 3

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development

In Business and Enterprise Studies, students continually develop their ability to understand the importance of social, moral and cultural changes.  The different spiritual beliefs of people play a key role in business planning.  Students are made aware that these beliefs need to be considered when bringing out new products and often embed this practice when they are planning their own enterprise product idea.  This leads onto the students having the chance to work in teams, be creative, use their problem solving skills and adapt products to meet the wants and needs of customers with different beliefs.  Students explore equal opportunities legislation and how it has changed over time.  This provides the opportunity for them to form their own opinions and broaden their morals.

Students are aware of different cultures and are able to work in group situations to discuss the effects of culture on business today.  For example, businesses can be multinational and students learn and discuss how these are considered when trading with businesses in different cultural backgrounds.  Students look at the production of goods and the recruitment and retention of staff.  They practice role play interviews, which enables them to form their own views and opinions, understand the consequences of their actions and apply this to real life business situations.

Business and Enterprise offers the opportunity to develop personal qualities and social skills, by participating in projects such as Young Enterprise and the National Enterprise Challenge.  They interact with the local community and real business people to practice customer service and develop their presentation and social skills. They participate in lots of group work in lessons, as well as practical tasks that relate to real business tasks and software.

Enrichment Opportunities:

Young Enterprise West Midlands
Business enrichment activities such as “Learn to Earn”
Visits to real businesses such as Chester Zoo and Ricoh.
V Cert in Business and Enterprise Studies, this is a new and exciting course that allows learners to complete internal units work and has no exam element.

Business News.

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