The Engineering Department at HLC aims to create an exciting environment that provides for students of all ages, abilities and cultures, giving a broad and balanced approach to Design and Technology with a special attention to “hands on” experience across a wide range of activities.

We have outstanding facilities for teaching and learning in all areas of Engineering and Design/Technology. Throughout the curriculum, students will focus on the development of their creative skills by exploring and experimenting with ideas, materials, tools and techniques. They will investigate the work of artists and designers from the past and present. In order to further develop their ideas students will learn to analyse and evaluate their own work and the work of others. Students are encouraged to take risks and learn from their mistakes.

The students should develop an understanding of health and safety requirements as an integral part of all Design and Technology activities. They should also develop an awareness of the social and moral implications that Design and Technology has on their day to day living.

The approach to Design and Technology in the school integrates all parts of the subject and encourages the student’s ability to work independently.

The school works in partnership with its primary feeder schools to support learning to allow students to gain a smoother transition from primary school to engineering lessons at HLC.

We also have a focus on Mathematics and Science through STEM projects. This provides our students with further opportunities in these subject areas through additional workshops, projects and extra-curricular activities to be involved in exciting and innovative projects

We believe that, through our excellent links with local industry and universities our students can experience real life engineering and technology and by applying this to the learning they experience in the classroom and workshops at HLC, we create a very high standard of teaching and learning which embeds the skills our students need as they move into higher education and future employment.


Mr. Phil Thompson

Assistant Headteacher

Mr. Lee Johnson

KS4 Subject Leader

Mrs. Jessica Gilbertson

KS3 Subject Leader

Mr. Mark Linsley

Teacher of iMedia

Mr. Gary Harbourne

Senior Technician

KS3 Curriculum Overview

Year 7
ProjectSkill FocusTheme/Artist/Designer ReferenceSMSC
Art and Design

Human Face

• Observational drawing

• Tonal work
• Mark making
• Painting
• Colour mixing/theory

• Giacometti

• Selection of Expressionist artist

• Appreciation of the work of others

• Looking how mood/emotion can be depicted in visual imagery
• Looking at identity and the human form through Art.


The Landscapes

• Basic sewing machine skills

• Observational drawing
• Design work
• Print making techniques
• Quilting

• Angie Lewin• Appreciation of the natural environment

• Considering their own local area
• Appreciation of the work of others.
• Health and safety in the use of machinery

Graphic Design

CD Packaging

• Moodboard

• Logo design
• Using nets and templates
• Typography
• Use of illustrator

Product Design

Art deco clocks

• Intro to tools/equipment

• Manufacturing templates
• Design process
• Cad/cam
• Production skills

• Art deco era• Appreciation of design from art movements

• Creative thinking
• H&S
• Sustainability

Year 8
ProjectSkill FocusTheme/Artist/Designer ReferenceSMSC
Art and Design

Totem Poles

• Painting

• Design
• 3D construction
• Clay modelling skills.

• Native American Art• Appreciation of Art from other cultures.

Creative pattern

• Batik

• Design
• Creating pattern
• Stencilling
• Embellishments

• Celtic Design

• Contemporary Tattoo artists
• Pattern designers.

• Appreciation of Art from other cultures.
Multimedia design • Photography

• Photoshop
• ICT multi media

• Oriental

• Celtic
• Animals
• Flowers
• Rock music

Product Design

Pewter casting

• Development of design ideas

• Metal work (properties of metal)
• Quality control
• Cad/cam

• Sustainability

• Industrial practices

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development

In Design and Technology, The students constantly develop their ability to design and manufacture products that are socially, morally and culturally compliant. The students are aware of different cultures and are able to design products that meet the needs of different cultures. Students use other cultures as starting point to influence the design of a product – such as Art movements like Art Deco and Memphis in Y8 Product Design, whilst also being creative to design and manufacture products that show imagination and flair.
Sustainability is fundamental to good design and so is therefore often at the centre of decision making during projects in all material areas. This ensures that students develop a greater understanding of the world, its resources and how we can ensure that we do not waste it. All modules consider Sustainability, but in particular, Textiles focuses on sustainability in the Up-cycling project
The students are taught to be aware of both their own and their peers safety. It is fundamental to Design and Technology lessons, to behave in a manner that allows students and others to work collaboratively and in co-operation to ensure that everyone is always safe and productive.
Students are aware of how community and societies function through the use of good design – with both systems and products that allow for a harmonious life, this is reflected in the Y8 Urban Graffiti project where students discuss and identify the public perception of Art or Graffiti.. They are aware of how team working can allow them to arrive at solutions through cooperation, and come through conflict to support the developed solution; this is constantly evidenced through peer evaluation of designs to inform development.

Engineering News.

Engineering Expo Planning Session @ Weber UK

Session Aim:
– To introduce the key principles of the Engineering Expo to the planning team.
– To identify key actions and roles required to plan the marketing strategy and
– Tour system for the Engineering Expo.

Session Breakdown:
– Introduction to Saint Gobain and the company structure.
– The manufacturing site at Weber UK.
– Introduction to Engineering Expo.
– Project Investigation – Marketing Methods, Invites & Tour, Structure & Requirements.
– Site Tour of Weber UK – Trial Run for VIP visit.
– Working Lunch.
– Action Plan & Role allocation for Planning Team

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