ance is one of our most popular subjects with students developing their skills through numerous genres, including Urban, Contemporary, Parkour and Rock & Roll. Many of our students attend the various clubs on offerm where they prepare for several performaces throughout the year. The highlight of the calendar is our annual show ‘Dance Fest’ which takes place in Oakengates Theatre.


Mrs Grace Naylor


Miss Joanna Davis


Dance Curriculum.

Facilites on offer:
Dance studio with sprung floor and mirrors
Apple TV and Ipad to facilitate learning and for recording purposes

Year 7
Introduction to Dance: This unit allows learners to acquire and develop basic dance skills and their knowledge of Dance. We will focus on the 5 basic Dance Actions- Gesture, Jump, Turn, Travel and Balance. Students will explore and experiment with these; eventually creating their own Dance sequence. Michael Jackson Focus: A whole class performance focusing on Interpretation and performance skills.Swansong: Students will explore this professional work by Christopher Bruce. They will use this as a stimulus to develop their own piece..
Hours per week: 1
Year 8
Rock & Roll: This unit introduces students to a particular Dance style and the characteristics needed to perform the style correctly.World Dance: Students will learn about and experience styles of Dance that originated from different countries around the world.Street Dance: Students will be introduced to the historical and social context of this dance style. They will explore the key characteristics of the style in learning and creating their own dance routines.
Hours per week: 1
Year 9
Unit 4: Mini Dance Skills: Students will explore and develop their dance skills in lessons developing their technique in Street Dance, Contemporary and Jazz Dance. Student will be encourage to prepare short performances for a showcase at HLC. Unit 2 - Mini Preparation, Performance & Production: Students will explore the areas involved in putting on a show, for example planning, rehearsing and performance whilst also preparing costume and props for a short performance for the Arts Showcase.Unit 1 – Individual Showcase Exam Preparation, experiment with choreography and preparing a solo performance based on a theme: Students will look at how to create, develop and refine a piece of work for an individual performance.
Hours per fortnight: 1
Year 10
Introduction to the course.Unit 4: Dance Skills: Students will explore and develop their dance skills in lessons developing their technique in Street Dance and Contemporary DanceUnit 1 – Individual Showcase Exam Preparation (Mock) Prepare two solo’s for an audition Letter of Application for a Performing Arts opportunity.
Unit 4: Dance Skills: Students will explore and develop their dance skills in lessons developing their technique in Street Dance and Contemporary DanceDance Log and Smart Targets
Hours per fortnight: 5
Year 11
Unit 2 - Preparation, Performance & Production: Prepare a performance for presentation evening and the Arts Showcase.Unit 1 – Individual Showcase Exam Preparation, Prepare two solo’s for an audition Letter of Application for a Performing Arts opportunity. Completing and refining work.
Preparing a showcase for Dance Fest
Hours per fortnight: 5

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development

Through Dance, Drama & Music, students experience a learning environment where they can develop spiritually, morally and socially whilst broadening their understanding of other cultures.  We aim to nurture feelings of appreciation and inspiration; enabling students to experience, reflect upon and respond creatively to material drawn from a wide variety of traditions. For example, in yr 7 Music students explore the development and heritage of Samba in Brazil and in yr 8 they experience the musical communication of African Drumming. In Dance, students analyse and participate in a variety of World styles such as Bhangra, Samba & Street Dance.

Tasks across the three disciplines, allow students to consider their personal responses to different stimuli and situations, whilst also exploring the feelings of others. This can be seen in the Yr 8 Drama unit – Missing, which explores the dangers of the internet, whilst providing moral dilemmas of loyalty. Also Swan Song, in yr 7 Dance, which looks at the relationship between the imprisoned and their captor.

The Arts encourage students to develop their self-knowledge and self-confidence through exploration of themes, which are delivered and shared with a respectful audience. Participation and self-esteem are central to our lessons, the latter being further investigated in a Yr 7 Drama unit Status, which encourages students to understand how their body language and tone of voice can help to raise confidence.  These subjects depend upon the ability to collaborate, tolerate, contribute and respect each other; values which are reiterated throughout lessons. Skills are exercised regularly through group work, whole class work and as individuals, when ideas must be shared, decisions made and compromises sought.

Curriculum Extension activities further develop the ideals and concepts initiated in the classroom, providing the opportunity to work within more diverse company, and to take on greater responsibility for the both the creative process and the outcome.

Enrichment Opportunities:

KS3 Dance club
KS4 Dance club
HLC Boys Street Crew
Dance company for gifted and talented dance students
Annual Dance show, held at The Place Theatre, Oakengates
DanceFest at HLC

Dance News.

Dancefest 2013

HLC is holding its annual “DanceFest” on Thursday 20th June from 7pm at the Place, Oakengates. If you would like tickets then please contact Ms Naylor on 01952 387000 or tickets can be purchased directly from The Place box office on 01952 382382.

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