n Music, the curriculum covers a wide variety of musical styles and activities, catering for all tastes and abilities. Through involvement in quality practical music making, we ensure that students learn transferable skills whilst developing their creativity and confidence. Students have access to a range of musical instruments including keyboards, guitars, drums and steel pans as well as traditional orchestral instruments and the latest music technology. We encourage our children to play a musical instrument and join in our clubs and choirs. There are several opportunities to perform in public, both in school and at local venues.

There is a lively BTEC course for those who wish to continue their studies into KS4. This course enables students to develop their performing ability on a specific instrument/voice. They will learn to establish effective practice routines whilst tracking their progress and setting detailed targets for improvement. Students will also have the opportunity to work with other Performing Arts students in the preparation of a production. As well as coursework, there is a final exam for which students have to perform two solos and write a letter of application for a performing arts opportunity.


Mrs. Finch

Subject leader

Music Curriculum.

Facilites on offer:
2 specialist teaching rooms both equipped with interactive whiteboards and 15 Yamaha Keyboards.
5 Practice Rooms. A Recording Studio with 3 imac computers. 16 MacBooks with controller keyboards.
Instruments include: –
A set of Samba instruments
A set of African Drums
A classroom set of Xylophones
Steel Band
A range of electric and acoustic guitars
2 Drum Kits
A Classroom set of Ukuleles

Year 7
An Introduction to Music: – This unit introduces the essential strands of Music: Listening, Performing, Composing & Appraising through a variety of activities including vocal and keyboard work.Exploring Great Musicians: - Based on the BBC’s 10 Pieces project, students will experience and investigate both traditional and modern music from a wide variety of composers. They will use this as a starting point for their own compositions.Swing: – Performing a Jazz riff and learning to improvise through the study of Swing Jazz Music.
Dance Music: - An introduction to the Keyboard – Learning the notes and how to read music in order to perform two dance music classics.Samba: – A whole class performance using real Samba instrumentsUkulele: - Students will learn the basic playing techniques on this increasingly popular instrument. In order to create a whole class performance
Hours per week: 1
Year 8
African Drumming Performance: – A whole class performance which explores the rhythms of Africa and the performing techniques needed to play the djembe.3D Music: – Understanding chords and harmony through a keyboard performance and arrangement of Mad World.Film Music: – An exploration of how music is used in film, culminating in the composition of a film soundtrack using MacBooks.
Hours per week: 1
Year 9 - Introduction to BTEC Music
Unit 6: Mini Music Performance Skills: Students will explore and develop their music performance skills through participation in workshops and by developing their technique on a specific instrument. They will learn to analyse and evaluate their progress. These skills will then be used to prepare ensemble pieces that could be performed at the Christmas Showcase. Unit 2 - Mini Preparation, Performance & Production: Students will explore all of the areas involved in putting on a show, from planning and rehearsing through to the final performance.Unit 1 – Individual Showcase Exam Preparation: Students will prepare solo pieces based on a given theme. They will learn how to plan, practise and refine their work in readiness for an individual performance.
Hours per week: Rotation with Dance & Drama. Students will undertake one unit in Music each term.
Year 10 - BTEC First Award in Performing Arts
Introduction to the course. Audit of current skills, workshops and target setting.Unit 6 – Complete the Music skills Unit.Mock Exam for Unit 1 – Individual Showcase
Unit 6 - Music Performance Skills - Developing performing techniques & learning how to practise effectively. Students’ first performance opportunity will take place at the Performing Arts Showcase. Unit 1 – Individual Showcase Prepare a letter of application for a Performing Arts opportunity and two solo audition pieces. Unit 2 - Preparation, Production & Performance Start research on a performance project, chosen and planned by the students.
Hours per week: 3
Year 11 - BTEC First Award in Performing Arts / Year 11 – Btec Level 2 Extended Certificate
Unit 2 Preparation, Production & Performance This unit will be performed at the Performing Arts Showcase. Unit 1 – Individual Showcase. Prepare for the final exam.Final Exam
Hours per week: 3

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development

Through Dance, Drama & Music, students experience a learning environment where they can develop spiritually, morally and socially whilst broadening their understanding of other cultures.  We aim to nurture feelings of appreciation and inspiration; enabling students to experience, reflect upon and respond creatively to material drawn from a wide variety of traditions. For example, in yr 7 Music students explore the development and heritage of Samba in Brazil and in yr 8 they experience the musical communication of African Drumming. In Dance, students analyse and participate in a variety of World styles such as Bhangra, Samba & Street Dance.

Tasks across the three disciplines, allow students to consider their personal responses to different stimuli and situations, whilst also exploring the feelings of others. This can be seen in the Yr 8 Drama unit – Missing, which explores the dangers of the internet, whilst providing moral dilemmas of loyalty. Also Swan Song, in yr 7 Dance, which looks at the relationship between the imprisoned and their captor.

The Arts encourage students to develop their self-knowledge and self-confidence through exploration of themes, which are delivered and shared with a respectful audience. Participation and self-esteem are central to our lessons, the latter being further investigated in a Yr 7 Drama unit Status, which encourages students to understand how their body language and tone of voice can help to raise confidence.  These subjects depend upon the ability to collaborate, tolerate, contribute and respect each other; values which are reiterated throughout lessons. Skills are exercised regularly through group work, whole class work and as individuals, when ideas must be shared, decisions made and compromises sought.

Curriculum Extension activities further develop the ideals and concepts initiated in the classroom, providing the opportunity to work within more diverse company, and to take on greater responsibility for the both the creative process and the outcome. 

Enrichment Opportunities:
Vocal Group
Musicals – recent productions have included Oliver! & We Will Rock You
School of Rock
Steel Band
Instrumental Tuition (There is a charge for this)

Music News.

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