elcome to the English Department at HLC. The Department’s aim is to foster a love of language and literature and to achieve the highest possible standards for all of our students.

The English Department is staffed by twelve experienced and dedicated teachers who offer a great variety of skills and a wide range of talents.

The Department is well resourced with traditional resources, such as reading books, language texts and schemes of learning, and this is complimented with the latest electronic and media technology; try visiting our Twitter link @HLCEnglishSquad. Each class has access to laptops and interactive boards which all our staff are fully trained to use.

Students are grouped in sets according to ability and prior performance; this is to enable our staff to create a personalised learning environment for every student. Throughout the five years that students are with us, they will focus on specific areas of writing and reading skills. We strive to ensure that every student makes outstanding progress and to this end literacy workshops are available to those who need it. In addition, a weekly form period is dedicated to the improvement of literacy skills.

A wide range of activities are organised for your child every year to support the linguistic and cultural experiences in the classroom; some of our past activities can be found on our Twitter page.


Mrs Debbie Glennie

Subject Leader

Mr Paul Barnicott

Assistant Subject Leader

Mrs Sally Ginder


Miss Jenny Wedge


Miss Jenny Hornsby

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Elizabeth Brickley


Mrs Sandra Towers


Mrs Rebecca Nathan


Mr Adam Couzens


Ms Josie Thomas


Mr Matthew Adkins


English Curriculum


Hours per week:4
Facilities on offer:
9 specialist teaching rooms, all with interactive whiteboards and additional student PCs
30 laptops
Access to extensive library

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Year 7 Creative Writing Novel Study Introduction to Shakespeare Poetry
Year 8 Novel Study Gothic Pre-1914 Literature Big Issue Descriptive
Year 9 Poetry Anthology Study(Nature) Pre-1914 Literature Post-1914 Play Study Transactional/
Persuasive Writing
Shakespeare Play Study Poetry Anthology
Study(Love and

Year 10

Hours per week:5
Facilites on offer:
9 specialist teaching rooms, all with interactive whiteboards and additional student PCs
30 laptops
Access to extensive library

**Please note that all students will study for 2 English GCSEs: GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature

WJEC Eduqas English Language


Component 1
Section A: 20th Century Literature Reading Task
Understanding of one unseen extract
Section B: Prose Writing
One creative writing task from four titles
Assessment: Written Exam – 1 hour 45mintues
Weighting – 40% (80 Marks)
Component 2
Section A: 19th and 21st Century Non-fiction Reading Task
Understanding of two unseen extracts
Section B: Transactional/persuasive Writing Tasks
Two transactional/persuasive writing tasks
Assessment:Written Exam – 2 hours
Weighting – 60% (80marks)

Component 3

Spoken Language:
One Presentation/speech including responses to questions and feed back
Assessment: Teacher Assessment
Weighting – 0%

WJEC Eduqas English Literature


Section A: Shakespeare
One extract question and one essay question
Section B: Poetry from 1789 to the present day
Two Questions based on poems from the WJEC Eduqas Poetry Anthology, one of which involves comparison
Assessment: Written Exam 2hours
weighting – 40%(80 marks)
Section A: Post-1914 Drama
One source-based question on a post-1914 text
(An Inspector Calls)
Section B: 19th Century Prose
One source-based question on 19th Century prose text
(A Christmas Carol)
Section C: Unseen Poetry
Two questions on unseen poems, one of which involes comparision
Assessment: Written Exam -2 Hours 30 minutes
Weighting – 60% (120 marks)

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development

School is about more than just studying the curriculum and the English Department are proud to offer a range of spiritual, moral, social and cultural experiences through English lessons and extra-curricular activities. Visits to the theatre, workshops with authors and literacy projects extend spiritual, moral, social and cultural appreciation and understanding of society. Students express their creativity and understanding of other cultures through their study of literature and non-fiction texts. Competitions within school, and beyond, allow students to develop and showcase their knowledge and experiences.  Pupils learn skills that they will use throughout their lives as well as building opinions and shaping their own personalities.

In the English Department we recognise how important it is that we enable pupils to develop their knowledge in these areas:

  • Social Development

    Studying novels allows pupils to consider how other people live as well as themselves and their peers.
    Discussions in groups allow pupils to appreciate the diverse society in which we live.  British values underpin all teaching and learning.  The importance of living in an inclusive democracy is developed with enrichment experiences such as the ‘Mock Trials’, allowing students to visit court and understand the democratic process.
  • Moral Development

    Dialogue on a variety of subjects such as prejudice, immigration, racism and bullying allow pupils to voice their opinions in a safe environment. They are encouraged to make their own moral judgements.
  • Spiritual Development

    Studying literature allows pupils to develop their critical thinking skills and encourages a sense of awe and wonder in pupils. Shakespearean plays, 19th Century poetry and 21st Century novels jostle with each other to allow the students to question the world in which they live in.
  • Cultural Development

    Studying texts, such as ‘Secrets of the Henna Girl’, ‘Of Mice and Men’, ‘Refugee Boy’ and ‘Never Let Me Go’ enables pupils to explore cultures different from their own. Debate inevitably arises from this as differences are identified and explored.


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English News

We are launching our first ever Literacy Festival!

HLC English Dpartment are launching our first ever Literacy Festival this week. It brings us 5 internationally acclaimed authors working across years 7, 8 and 10: Bali Rai, Richard Kurti, Sita Bramachari, Alex Wheatle and Polly Ho Yen. This year our annual writing competition will launch on the 2nd July to give you time to be inspired by the Pop-Up festival. Click the post title for more!

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