Student Support Managers


ur Student Support Managers or SSMs work very closely with our students, parents and carers. There are three SSMs in the Secondary Phase, each of whom work with an individual Year Group.  The SSMs are responsible for the daily pastoral care of our students working alongside tutors and class teachers.  They mentor and monitor the students, follow up attendance issues and access additional services for young people who may require further further support.  They are all committed to ensuring our students are happy at hlc, enjoy coming to school and are making good progress with their learning.

If you have any queries or issues regarding attendance, mentoring, monitoring or support, the Student Support Managers can be contacted via email or telephone.

Kerry Turner

Year 7 and 8 SSM

My role as a Student Support Manager is very rewarding, you form close relationships with your year group and some of their families. As a parent who works and has a child in HLC Secondary School I feel that the SSM’s have supported my daughter when she was lacking the confidence and self-esteem to progress in school. Academically my daughter has progressed above and beyond due to the support of all the staff.

01952 387018
07983 173635

Laura Bowen

Year 9,10 & 11 SSM

As an SSM you watch your year group grow and develop, you go through the highs and lows with them and their families. Each day has different challenges and rewards. I feel that sometimes we get to make a difference even if it’s only small.

01952 387022
07983 173639

Jayne Grant

Year 9,10 & 11 SSM

I have been a Student Support Manager at HLC since its opening in 2006. It is a very rewarding and positive role as i am passionate about creating a safe and happy environment for young people as they travel through Secondary School. The school has gone from strength to strength every year and we are now providing not only amazing facilities but a team of professional and dedicated staff. Working in an inclusive environment where every child matters is the key and working with students and parents to break down any barriers to learning is bringing students success throughout key stages and that final goal of achieving good GCSE results.

01952 387230
07983 173648

Debbie McGreal

Safe Guarding

I have worked at HLC for the past 3 years, supporting students both academically and pastorally to achieve the best they can. This year I have taken on a safeguarding role to further support the students in our community.

01952 387000

Steve Tyrer


I have now been attached to to HLC for a full academic year.  My remit is to support the school and its community through any issues which may arise. My aim is to establish positive relationships between the School, police and our local community.

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