Special Educational Needs and Disability

At HLC we aim to ensure that each student has the opportunity to access her/his learning according to their needs by providing a full and cohesive approach.
For all students the teaching staff provide high quality, well differentiated teaching which is informed by a detailed Personalised Learning Programme. The information, which sets out how each individual student is best supported to learn, is gathered by talking to the student and offering individualised strategies. The Personalised Learning Programmes provide the background support so that all staff working with our students, have a shared understanding about what they are doing and why they are doing it.

To support the teaching staff, there is a dedicated team of para-professionals who provide high quality support under the direction of the teacher. This provides the students with opportunities to practice what they have learnt.
When a student starts to struggle with their learning, the teachers will refer them to the SENCo, who will assess them and write the Personalised Learning Programme.

As well as offering the in- class support, there is a programme of interventions to which the student is invited which provides another method of practicing what they are learning. In the primary phase, work can be outside the classroom in the shared areas and in the secondary phase these interventions (or clubs) can take place after school and the students are invited to attend.

The interventions offered are based on evidence and outcomes, and the knowledge gained by working with the students in this way if delivered back to the class teachers to inform their practice.

We ensure that the right children are targeted by identifying them through data and throughout the intervention they are carefully tracked to identify progress.

At HLC, we have much on-site expertise upon which we can draw. The supporting staff attend training to become skilled in areas of need, such as Speech; Language and Communication Needs; Autism; Mental health; Occupational therapy to name but a few. This is to ensure that we can offer informed support to the students who attend our school. We also pool resources with other schools and provide support and expertise to support them.
We pride ourselves on our transition support programmes, which are bespoke. We have many activities and extra sessions on offer but we will always offer a programme of transition to either phase, which suits the individual student.
We also pride ourselves on our communication with parents. We believe that parents hold key information and play a critical role in the success of their children’s education and that our work can be more effective when parents are involved and account is taken of their wishes, feelings and perspectives on their children’s development. We feel that working in a team with parents brings together a powerful bank of knowledge of the whole child to their life in school and we are always keen to build on this. At HLC, we are committed to the education of the whole child and parents hold the key to its success.

The SEND team at HLC are:

– Director of Specialist Provision – Primary and Secondary phases.
– admin support Hayley.Mason@taw.org.uk 01952 387228.

Plus a large number of Student Support Assistants (primary) and Learning Support Assistants (secondary).

Please contact Hayley Mason if you would like any further information and she will arrange an appointment for us.

Many thanks for taking the time to read our statement , we look forward to hearing from you.

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